Product Set That Increases Speed and Productiveness from Singer
Singer presents a product set named 522D-364-31 for the ateliers that want to produce faster and more efficiently.
GMO-Free Cotton Project Attracts Attention To Turkish Cotton
While cotton production in the world is expected to increase by 10 percent in the 2017/18 season, GMO-free cotton production now draws the attention of cotton production sector.
Turkish Cotton Arises From The Laboratory
Upon the demand of the sector, taller fibre, higher efficiency and quality cotton type was developed at İYTE Molecular Biology laboratory. Seed which was developed with the study of Turkishscientists, will be launched as ‘Turkish cotton’.
Yarn Trends Gives Inspiration With Its Designs
Beaulieu Yarns gives inspiration with bold and colourful designs for its high-end contract carpets.