Speical Awards By Santex Rimar Group
Foundation of Gaetano Marzotto, awards many innovative enterprises each year, announced “Premio Gaetano Marzotto Awards” held in Italy at Santex Rimar Group, SMIT workshop.
“Denim Loves Art” Exhibition by Çalık Denim
Çalık Denim, one of leading manufacturers of premium denim fabric, celebrates its 30th anniversary with “Denim Loves Art” exhibition prepared by 30 international young designers.
Turkish Carpet Was Introduced With ‘İstanbul Carpet Week’
İstanbul Carpet Week, held by The Association of İstanbul Carpet Exporters, hosted activities which enriched “Turkish Carpet” brand.
Hugo Boss Solutions Support For Aster Tekstil
Aster Tekstil, one of the first 10 exporter firms at Turkish ready- made clothings field, made a collaboration with Hugo Boss Solutions.
Omega Academy Signature On First Aid Training
Omega İş Güvenliği Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti, one of the specialist companies in occupational safety field, also provides professional assistance in first aid training with its subsidiary company Omega Akademi.
Traditional Laces Are Transferred On To The Digital Printing
Patterns which were designed by inspiring from traditional laces have won a brand- new form by meeting with digital printing technologies.