Do Not Ignore Textile Engineering! Textile Has Future! resmi
Burak Sertbaş, Chairman at Aegean Apparel and Garment Exporters' Association (EHKIB), suggested that textile has future and advised young people to turn towards textile engineering.
MEM Industries: Slowdown in Growth resmi
The situation remains positive for the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries.)
Commercial Counsellors Become Voluntary Consultants resmi
After serving for 4 years as Commercial Counsellors in various countries, Bureaucrats of the Ministry of Trade have shared the experiences they had with Aegean Exporters.
Original Machine Emphasis from VDMA resmi
VDMA highlighted the importance of the original products and 18 speakers from the member companies spoke at the VDMA booth.
Innovation Lab at ITMA Asia Fair from CEMATEX resmi
European Textile Machinery Committee CEMATEX has established a stand of Innovation Laboratory at ITMA Asia.
We Will Pave the Way for Domestic Machinery Use resmi
Adil Nalbant stated that domestic textile machinery manufacturers will achieve their success in the world market and increase the use of domestic machinery and carry the sector to the point where it should be.
Export Academy is Established resmi
Aegan Exporters Associations and BASIFED ( Western Anatolian Industrialist Businessmen Association) established Export Academy to increase the amount of export.
Export is a National Issue resmi
Turkey Exporters Assembly President Ismail Gülle stated that the matter of increasing exports has become an issue of country and remarked the issue of export with foreign currency.
Export Datas Are Promising resmi
Export datas from this year’s September are released by TİM.
The Wind of 4.0 in Ready-Made Clothing resmi
Uludağ Hazır Giyim ve Konfeksiyon İhracatçıları Birliği (UHKİB) started a brand new Project for pushing textile industry to the top through technological advancements.
Instant Success From Turkish Apparel Sector resmi
Companies achieving USD 17 billion exports volume last year in apparel and garment sectors, locomotive of the Turkish economy, are awarded.
Textile Sectors Came Together in İzmir resmi
Aegean Textile and Textile Suppliers Meeting brought together accessory, lace, organic fabric, laser cut and spare parts producers with ready-to-wear producers.
‘Merter Will Add the Biggest Contribution to The Increase Of Export’ resmi
Yusuf Gecü, Chairman of the Board of MESİAD, says Merter will add the biggest contribution to the increase of Turkish textile and apparel export by stating that Merter has made a fast access to production and export in 2018.
Election Wind At The Associations resmi
General assembly marathon ended at Exporters Associations. Chairmans of the boards of new term were determined at elective general assembly meetings.