Discussion of Additional Tax in Yarn Import resmi
With the decision published in the Official Gazette, additional customs duty are imposed on cotton yarn and artificial yarn imports in order to protect the Turkish yarn producers.
Porcher Sport Elevates Safety resmi
Porcher Sport will exhibit its airbag fabric for skiers and snowboarders at ISPO 2019 event in Munich.
New Solutions from Loepfe on Foreign Matter Control resmi
With Loepfe's new Yarnmaster ZENIT+ with OffColor, no more intensive work and expensive visual inspections are required. PT. Superbtex and Loepfe are hand in hand to find a solution.
Growth Rieter Grows By 24% resmi
Rieter, producing machines for fiber preparation and spinning systems, increased the sales.
New President of CIRFS Is Necat Altın resmi
Necat Altın, President of Zorlu Holding Textile Group, was chosen for the presidentship of the Comitee International de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthetiques (CIRFS).
Non-GMO Cotton Only in Turkey resmi
Turkey, being in a different position in terms of qualified raw material, is the only country producing non-genetically modified cotton.
Saurer Presented Their Linked Winding Solution resmi
Saurer Spinning Solutions presented its new Zinser 72XL ring frame linked with Autoconer X6 at ITM, in Istanbul. With its high speed of 25.000 rpm , new Zinser 72XL has aroused the interests of the visitors.
Reiners + Fürst Introduces Its Innovative Products resmi
Reiners + Fürst showcases its high quality spinning rings and travellers for ring spinning industry.
Woolmark Meets Students And Brands resmi
The Woolmark Company meets both the leading brands of Turkey and the students studying in the departments of fashion design and textile in universities.
Sytec One Attaches Efficiency to a Single Thread resmi
From 20th to 22nd March 2018, Oerlikon Neumag will be presenting an economical alternative in Shanghai at the Domotex Asia Chinafloor the BCF plant Sytec One with single-end technology.
The New OffColor Feature From Loepfe resmi
The YarnMaster ZENIT+ OffColor detection is able to detect and eliminate very small color and shade variations in the yarn during the winding process.
Hatfil Hosted Visitors In Intertextile Shanghai resmi
Hatfil, a Turkish-Italian partnered yarn manufacturer, participated in Intertextile Shanghai show on14-16 March 2018.
Undergraduates Are Trained For Textile Industry resmi
Kordsa, maintains its collaborations for young people to encourage for technology, innovation, R&D and engineering, signs under a new project.
GMO-Free Cotton Project Attracts Attention To Turkish Cotton resmi
While cotton production in the world is expected to increase by 10 percent in the 2017/18 season, GMO-free cotton production now draws the attention of cotton production sector.