Aksa Akrilik strengthened Its position in the market resmi
Despite the uncertainties at the global level, Aksa Akrilik maintained its strong position in the domestic and foreign markets.
Turkey Leads World Nations in the First Half of 2021 resmi
Rieter is benefitting from its innovative product portfolio and the company’s global positioning in its success. The highest order intake was recorded in Turkey.
“Smart textile” Support from Aksa Akrilik resmi
Aksa Akrilik, acrylic fiber producer, will support Iltema in its "Value for Entrepreneurship" project.
İnta Makine Traversed Bobbin Machinery at Istanbul TME 2021 resmi
İnta Makina will exhibit at TME 2021 takes place in Istanbul with the worldwide brands represented under its own umbrella and with the advantages offered to the yarn mills.
Marzoli showcased at Itma Asia + Citme resmi
Marzoli showed innovative solutions for the nonwovens industry together with the artificial intelligence Brain Box for the yarn industry.
A radical leap in fabric inspection: Uster Q-Bar 2 resmi
The best way to tackle fabric quality loss turning into unique fabric formation with Uster Q-Bar 2.
Rieter: Ensuring Competitiveness Through Technology resmi
Rieter has doubled down on its R&D efforts since the onset of the pandemic to accelerate the development of its suite of intelligent and automated machines and systems so customers can manufacture yarns more profitably, efficiently and sustainably.
Korteks Developed Yarn For Wind Roses resmi
Korteks, one of the Zorlu Textile Group initiatives, has made a new progress in technical textiles in which it has made advancements in years.
Revolutionary Brand: Durak Tekstil resmi
Durak Tekstil, while producing Turkey’s first polyester embroidery thread, has become on the other hand the first yarn manufacturer to produce its own raw material under its own POY facility.
Aksa Akrilik Make Publicize 105% Profit in the First Quarter resmi
Aksa Akrilik has experienced a surge in turnover and profitability under pandemic conditions. Based on the statistics relate to the first quarter of 2021, % 105 per cent increase recorded in comparison to the same period in previous year.
Dornbirn GFC 2021 Online Webinar Week on 15 – 17 September resmi
The 60th anniversary of the Dornbirn GFC Congress will take place virtually this year for well-known reasons.
Record Investment in Yarn Sector resmi
With the moving of orders to Turkey, the increasing demand accelerated new investments in the textile industry.
ITMA Asia 2021: Saurer to Showcase Automation Innovations resmi
Saurer invites customers to learn about its newest automation solutions, both within its machines and extending across entire textile mills.
Rieter sales fall globally by 37 percent and rise locally by 83 per cent resmi
Due to the low sales volume, a loss of CHF 84.4 million was recorded at the EBIT level while an increase recorded by %83 per cent in Turkey.