Textile Recycling protects both Economy and the Nature resmi
In the textile sector, which creates the second most contamination in the world, energy is saved by recycling and preserving natural resources.
VDMA Offers Sustainable Solutions resmi
German Machinists' Association offers environmental solutions in energy saving, materials and resources with BLUecoMPETENCE initiative
Sustainability and Life Cycle in Textile resmi
In textile, together with the acceleration of industrialization, in an enviroment where resource consumption and waste production increased rapidly, sustainability gained importance.
Do not Forget Beyşehir While Saving Ergene resmi
The industrial institutions, mostly composed of textile companies, located in Ergene Basin keep threatening the river
Recovery To Be Covered Within Incentives resmi
İbrahim Şenel, the Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy, explained that the works for covering textile recycling will be commenced within the scope of incentivizing the investments in recovery and disposal facilities.
Manufacturers In Uşak Showed No Interest In The Congress resmi
The fact that manufacturers showed no interest in the Recycling Congress held in Uşak caused eyebrows to raise
Produced Composite Panel from Natural Fibers resmi
Natural composite panel has been produced – to be used in the automotive industry - from the wastes of jute fibers used in the production of machine-made carpets
Not A Waste But  A Value –Added: Regenerated  Fiber resmi
Uşak textile recycling sector which employs approximately 3000 people contributes a lot about both environment and economy
Countdown is Started for 1st Recovery Congress resmi
1st National Recovery Congress and Show which will be held on May at Uşak compromises it’s one of the important subjects is recovery in textile and apparel sector