Wülfing Modifies Monforts Machine resmi
Wülfing GmbH, which acquired production technology of Monforts produced in 2005, purchased modification service along with the commission of machinery in its operation.
Innovative Fabrics from Yünsa resmi
Yünsa's special fabrics, which can adapt to hot or cold temperatures with the integration of 37.5 technologies, provides users humidity control with Dry-touch technology will become the seek-sought of many industries especially defense industry.
Breakthrough ‘RECIRCLE’ Stamps Fashion Waste Out to Catalyze Circularity resmi
The R Collective diverts fabrics from incinerators to closets in silk industry-first recycling project with High Fashion Group.
Recovery Signs from the Textile Giant H&M resmi
H&M, Sweden-based global ready-to-wear retailer, released its increased sales figures for the first time after the pandemic.
Intertek ‘’Maison Masters’’ Selected resmi
The artisans have been selected with the support of Michela Finaurini, an expert in high-quality fabrics and handicraft work, based on strict criteria.
New Investment Move from Kipaş resmi
Hanefi Öksüz, Chairman of the Board of Kipaş Holding, "Currently, we are both increasing our capacity and modernizing our machines."
Turkey's Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exports Increased resmi
Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Turkish textile manufacturer achieved success. With the increasing demands of domestic and foreign markets, Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exports Increased by 11.6%.
Demas Makine at Istanbul Textile Machinery Fair TME2021 resmi
Within time being, operations are underway for the new product launch as Demas Makine will exhibit at the fair with its demanded Fabric Cutting Machines besides the Full Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine.
Kornit Expands its range in Turkey resmi
Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, has announced its partnership with Matset (Turkey) as it continues to broaden its market presence.
First-hand Fair Experiences amid the Pandemic resmi
China market rebound confirmed and how your business can benefit from it?
Denim Dyeing with New Technology and New Process resmi
Maritaş Denim achieved a breakthrough in denim with Clay Dye. The company succeeded in offering color diversity and color stabilization in the Clay Dye process found in Terra Collection.
Texcare Revolves Around the Sector’s Top Themes resmi
Texcare International in Frankfurt am Main will be the first international trade fairs for textile care to be held after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
New License Agreement from Özdilek resmi
Özdilek obtained the production and sales license of Disney's home textile category.
Digital material parameters for a realistic 3D simulation resmi
Hohenstein digitises textile properties of clothing fabrics.