Çalık Denim Aims For The Sky On Its 30th Anniversary resmi
By 2020, Çalık Denim aims to expand its capacity up to 60 million meters via carrying out an investment worth 20 million dollars and to increase its global market share.
Quantum by Jeanologia resmi
At the Denim Premiere Vision Event, Jeanologia introduced its digital jeans stimulator; Quantum.
Şimşek Ege Inspires Apparel With Its Designs resmi
Producing at world standards, Şimşek-Ege Etiket continues to grow together with apparel industry with its innovation and design-oriented works.
The Digital Platform for Fashion & Apparel Sourcing resmi
Foursource, the first digital B2B platform for fashion & apparel sourcing, delivers its customers the most suitable solutions that correspond with their quality or brand positioning criteria.
Important Award to Eroğlu Holding resmi
DNM denim fabric company of Eroğlu Holding operating in Damietta, Egypt received “Best in Class Mill” award from Levi Strauss & Co as it was chosen as the best in its class.
Ipeker; As the First Vegan Fabric Producer in Turkey resmi
Ipeker has been granted with the V-label Vegan certificate, which is given by the European Vegetarian Union and is accepted as the most reliable vegan/vegetarian product label.
Genuine Leather Propaganda with ‘Leatherish Ideas’ resmi
Aegean Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association will make a genuine leather propaganda at its seventh ‘ Leatherish Ideas Leather Design and Production Competition’
Colin’s Attracts Attention In Belarus resmi
Operating with nearly 600 stores in 38 countries around the world including Turkey, Colin's became the most preferred apparel brand by young people in 2016.
Ready-To-Wear’s New Goal; Innovation resmi
TGSD’s President, Şeref Fayat, stated that they are carrying out some studies which focus on design, innovation and branding in order to strengthen the competitive position of the sector in the world.
Great Interest in Iran for Turkish Underwear Brands resmi
The Turkish underwear brands that performed a visit to Tehran for the second time in the recent year, attracted a great deal of attention from the Iranian customers.
Oeko-Tex® Announced Its New Brand Strategy resmi
Oeko-Tex® announced its new brand strategy for Standard 100 and STeP By Oeko-Tex® certificates.
Future’s Denim Designs Were Awarded resmi
Winners of ISKO I-SKOOL™ Denim Design Competition organized by Mavi, being one of Turkey’s important jean brands and ISKO™, being the Premium denim manufacturer were announced.
LCW Makes a Breakthrough in Home Textiles and Cosmetics resmi
LC Waikiki will also be bringing its home textiles brand; LCW Home and Cosmetic products, together with its consumers.
Support for Sustainable Cotton by C&A resmi
C&A, caring sustainability and organic cotton usage ranked second in ‘Sustainable Cotton’ report issued by Rank a Brand.