BMSvision MES Solution for Diamond Fabrics Denim Division resmi
Diamond Fabrics, a subsidiary of the Pakistani integrated textile facility Sapphire Group, partnered with Belgium-based BMSvision for the MES project.
Yeşim Textile Has Become the Biggest Ready-to-Wear Exporter of Egypt resmi
Yeşim Tekstil the leader in exports with its third facility in Egypt, after the first commissioned in Alexandria city in 2008 for the American market.
Miami Vibes by Tommy Hilfiger resmi
Spring 2021 Tommy Hilfiger Men's Clothing Collection "Miami Vibes" makes you feel extremely comfortable and cool despite the extreme hot weather of Miami.
New Dye house Investment resmi
Lila Group, one of Turkey's long-established firms, is growing. The company pushed button to make 55 million worth of investment and modernization to its facility.
Dockers®: Functional Style resmi
Dockers®, in San Francisco California in 1986, this American classic 'casual' clothing trend offering quality products for men for every occasion.
Textile and Machinery Sector Met resmi
Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) held a meeting to bring together the leading manufacturers of the textile and ready-made clothing industry and the textile machinery industry.
Medical Textile Exports’ High Appreciation resmi
There is an expectation that the manufacture of textiles and ready to wear, dominated by Far Eastern Nations, moving to Turkey.
Wellthread® Women's Wear by Levi’s® resmi
Hemp blended fabrics, welcomes us with the expanded use of cotton raised as organic and with Wellthread® product release of style and innovations.
Special Collection by Jack Wolfskin resmi
While sustainability is becoming a more prominent issue in the fashion world, the number of ecological and environmentally-friendly collections is on the rise.
Circular Denim System Has Been Formulated resmi
The QR code integrated into Genesis denim provides product material identification and verification, tracking production processes and recycling from one life cycle to another.
Turkish fabric for England resmi
Yünsa, Europe's largest integrated wool fabric manufacturer, is also assertive in the ready-to-wear sector. Yünsa, while exporting 66 percent to UK, serves for leading fashion brands.
Texworld Evolution Paris - Le Showroom resmi
Upon the announcement of the cancellation of the February 2021 shows, the team of Messe Frankfurt France wished to offer a unique business solutions and innovations for the fashion industry.
Hazardous Materials Inspections in Textile Postponed resmi
The effective date of inspections on azo dyestuffs harmful to health in textile and apparel products has been postponed.
Recycling Webinar in Ready-to-Wear Taken Place resmi
EİB President Ünlütürk will show qualified applications in textile in line with the sustainable development goals. He made an assessment on the developments in the sector as well.