Another Certificate By Efes Havlu Tekstil resmi
While Efes Havlu Tekstil has become the second company to be awarded ISO 45001 certificate by BSI, it has also drawn attention thanks to the innovations they have made in their machinery.
‘Cotton Trade Will Be Affected Negatively’ resmi
Economic sanctions applied by United States on Turkey took a wide place in English press, too. Financial Times emphasized these developments occurred will affect cotton trade negatively between USA and Turkey.
Quality Equals DESA resmi
İlker Sürek, Deputy General Manager at DESA, one of the leading companies in leather and merchandising not only in Turkey, but all over the world, has answered the questions of our publishing group.
Employment Initiative by Migiboy resmi
Migiboy Textile Chairman of the Board Vehbi Canpolat, states they will increase employment digit above 2 thousand with the new facilities to be opened.
Timay & Tempo Have Increased Their Target resmi
Timay & Tempo continues its efforts in order to increase flexibility in production and service speed in the markets it owns, with the global brands and customers company adds to its portfolio, via taking firm steps in the sector
‘Turkish Textiles are being Penalized’ resmi
The impact of economic development to the cotton and the sector assessed by of Cotton Council Turkey Director Marsha Powell, expressed that the removal of US cotton from Internal Processing Regime is a penalty to Turkish Textile Sector
Orka Holding Knows No Limit on Online Sales resmi
Stating that they aim to reach 430 stores worldwide, Süleyman Orakçıoğlu said that "In 2023, our online stores will have a 25 percent share in the turnover."
Leather Export Had 16, 5% Increase resmi
Leather sector maintained its rise. As 16, 5% export rise carried out in the first half of 2018, 853 million dollars foreign sale realized at the same time.
Colorful Partnership from Archroma and Carlin resmi
Archroma known with the services provided in color field has signed a partnership agreements with Carlin being the first trend forecasting agency.
Home Textiles Exports to the US Increased resmi
Despite all the negative political developments, Turkey's home textiles exports to the United States has significantly increased.
The Fear of Turkey in Morocco is Increasing resmi
Turkish textile and apparel firms' export and merchandising efforts in Morocco are disturbing their local market competitors.
Digital Transformation by Kiğılı resmi
Hilal Suerdem, CEO of Kiğılı, who states that the customer experience will be more important in the next years, also says they focus on digitalisation to catch this success at this field.
Orka Holding Maintains Its Global Growth resmi
Orka Holding is keeping on growth in global arena with the stores abroad and kilogram price at export.
Call from Decathlon to Domestic Suppliers resmi
Deciding to move 40 percent of its production to Turkey as of 2019, sports-retailer chain Decathlon calls on the domestic suppliers for this purpose.