Kilim Denim Will Grow With New Investments resmi
Targeting to grow 10 percent more in 2018 with new investments and new markets, Kilim Denim aims to increase its export share by 20 percent.
The Sense of ‘Brand of Turkey’ is Being Created Abroad resmi
Kiğılı, Turkey’s men’s wear brand, targets to add 25 new stores within its sale points in 2018 to place the sense of ‘Brand of Turkey’ to the world.
Yeşim Tekstil Came Together With Its Suppliers resmi
Yeşim Tekstil came together with the firms worked at ‘The Summit of Suppliers’. And the topic of the summit became Yeşim Tekstil’s 2023 targets and the problem of child labor.
Canepa is Subscribing a New License with Jeckerson resmi
Thanks to the already established license, Canepa Spa signed a new agreement for the production and the distribution of a Jeckerson underwear man collection.
Textile Sector’s Heart Beat at Fashion Prime resmi
1st Fashion Prime Textile, Ready-to-Wear Suppliers and Technologies Fair brought together fashion and textile sector representatives.
H&M Group Revealed Their Sustainability Report resmi
Under the context of sustainability strategies, H&M Group takes some important steps to present sustainable and renewable changes.
DeFacto is Being Offered to Public resmi
DeFacto, one of the leading retail companies of the Turkish clothing sector, announced with the draft offering circular that capital increase and public offering took place via the sale of the shares of the existing shareholders.
Applications That Shorten Designing Process From Lectra resmi
Lectra makes important contributions to designing process with Lectra Connected Design and Lectra Connected Development software programs that are presented to the use of fashion and ready-to-wear industries.
Product Set That Increases Speed and Productiveness from Singer resmi
Singer presents a product set named 522D-364-31 for the ateliers to produce faster and more efficiently.
Step For Digital Transformation By Savcan Tekstil resmi
Savcan Tekstil Group completed its digital transformation by integrating many departments with each other from production to quality management.
Yünsa Directs The Sector With Its Sustainability Activities resmi
Yünsa, one of the most integrated wooly fabric producers and exporters of Turkey and European, applies sustainability on all of the business processes.
“Denim Loves Art” Exhibition by Çalık Denim resmi
Çalık Denim, one of leading manufacturers of premium denim fabric, celebrates its 30th anniversary with “Denim Loves Art” exhibition prepared by 30 international young designers.
Hugo Boss Solutions Support For Aster Tekstil resmi
Aster Tekstil, one of the first 10 exporter firms at Turkish ready- made clothings field, made a collaboration with Hugo Boss Solutions.
Taypa To Make Investments To The Textile Centre of the Balkans resmi
Taypa will invest a total of € 35 million over the next five years for the apparel and garment factory, which is planned to be built in Kraljevo, Serbia.