Saurer Closes Protective Shield Proceedings in Record Time, Part of Business Sold to Rieter resmi
Saurer Spinning Solutions GmbH & Co. KG has sold the business lines Accotex, Temco and winding to Rieter for 300 million EUR.
Changes in the Rieter Board of Directors resmi
Luc Tack und Stefaan Haspeslagh resign with immediate effect.
Rieter Acquires Three Businesses from Saurer resmi
Investment to complete Rieter’s ring- and compact spinning systems and in two attractive component businesses.
‘’Pro-SMH Brand Machines Are The Best In Their Category’’ resmi
Pro-SMH co-founder Cüneyt İşman said that they worked effortlessly to make Pro-SMH brand to have a reputation in the industry and to be the major preference and with the point they have reached; mentioned about their said successes.
Webinar from Oerlikon resmi
In the webinar series scheduled for September by the Manmade Fibers Solutions unit of the Switzerland-based Oerlikon Group, the focus is on services for manmade fiber systems.
Kahramanmaraş KEY Holding Investment in Textiles resmi
KEY Holding, which owns Open End and Ring Spinning Facility, plans to achieve new investments in fabric production especially in denim in the coming future.
’Made in Türkiye’’ Perception Changed by EFFE resmi
EFFE leadership in textiles both locally and globally with its technology capability and user-friendly approach for various services.
A Step Back From China on Cotton Conflict resmi
China struggling to formulate a new policy on cotton usage as the country facing strong opposition in its uncontrollable power towards Uighur Turks and especially in labor exploitation and positive discrimination.
Turkish Textile Finishing Industrialists Assembly Elected Their President resmi
Turkish Textile Finishing Industrialists Assembly (TTTSD) President Vehbi Canpolat was re-elected at the Ordinary Assembly as the sole candidate for the position.
Worker Protests in Bangladesh Shifted Orders to Turkey resmi
Workers' protests in Bangladesh, which has a say in the world's ready-made clothing supply, orders have changed their route and moved to Turkey.
My Preference Textile Engineering Project Continues resmi
Non-refundable Scholarship Support for Students Favoring Textile Engineering within the Scope of "My Preference is Textile Engineering Project" Continues.
A Year of Investment from Lila Group resmi
Aydın Öğücü said, “When we look at textiles, we passed through our investment decision in this challenging year, even though leaving the challenging 2020 behind. We know that we can still contribute to our industry.’’
The Wool Lab Digital platform Received Appreciation resmi
The Woolmark Company presented the first publication of The Wool Lab Digital, a brand new online platform for fabric and yarn sourcing, developed in response to today's needs.
An investigation on textile products in Chinese origin resmi
The decision was passed to final apply for review for the textile products in Chinese origin amongst the products with ‘’specific artificial or synthetic fibers or any other textile products.’’