Domino Effect: Coronavirus Disease Effects Fair Industry resmi
The Coronavirus epidemic, which emerged in China, had a domino effect on the economy and had a negative impact on the fair industry globally.
Increase In Textile Machine Export and Decrease In Textile Machine Import In 2019 resmi
In 2019, textile machinery exports increased by 10.39 percent compared to the previous year, while imports declined by 39.30 percent in the same year
“The Locomotive of Sustainability is Recycling” resmi
We have spoken about the importance of recycling in textiles with the Atilla Ilıman, Founder of Ertona Textile manufacturing yarns from textile waste.
“The Turkish Textile industry has a strong infrastructure” resmi
The Chairman of Textile Machinery and Accessories’ Industrialists Association Mr.Adil Nalbant shared his evaluations regarding the Turkish Textile industry.
100% Turkish Cotton Period in Denim Fabric resmi
Producing denim fabric for the world's leading brands, Çalık Denim is preparing to use 100 percent domestic cotton in 2020 with an investment of 200 million dollars.
Current Export Record in Textiles in Çerkezköy resmi
In the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, where 254 companies are located, the textile sector accounts for half of the $ 3.5 billion export per year.
Graf at ShanghaiTex with Lifetime Long Products resmi
Graf introduces at ShanghaiTex three novelties for the textile market: a new card clothing with up to 30% longer lifetime, a height adjustable comb and a helpful solution for card clothing management.
Suessen to Introduce Compaction Devices at Shanghai 2019 resmi
As a component manufacturer for spinning machines, Suessen will introduce new clamping devices for rotor spinning components at Shanghai 2019.
Morrison Presented Flex-Immerse System resmi
Durability, flexibility and dye repeatability make Morrison the first choice of the world's leading denim producers.
Swiss Quality in Textile Machinery resmi
Swiss Textile Machinery members are leading the success in yarn production sector by providing high value added solutions to the textile sector.
1 Billion $ Mediterranean Contribution to Ready-to-Wear Exports resmi
1 Billion dollar worth of Turkey's apparel exports is carried out from the Mediterranean region. Thus, one out of every ten people in Europe wears clothing’ manufactured in Turkey.
The Latest Truetzschler Innovation: Portal Bale Opener BO-P resmi
The Portal Bale Opener BO-P sets new standards in quality and economy.
Textile Investment from China to Generation Road Countries resmi
The National Textile and Apparel Council of China will increase its investments in the textile industry in the countries involved in the Belt Road Project.
Saurer to Show Autoairo in Asia for The First Time resmi
With Autoairo, spinning mills can produce high-quality yarn more quickly, more cost-efficiently and more flexibly.