“An Important Phase in Reinforcing Nylon-based Production” resmi
DOMO Chemicals has announced the acquisition of Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe is completed.
Morrison Presented Flex-Immerse System resmi
Durability, flexibility and dye repeatability make Morrison the first choice of the world's leading denim producers.
Brückner Sustains Position as Market Leader resmi
Brückner sustains its leadership in the market in the field of glass fiber fabric finishing. Worldwide well known several electronic glass producers use Brückner’s glass fabric finishing line in their plants.
Award to Kipaş from Monforts resmi
Kipaş benefiting from Monforts’ Technologies has been rewarded for “The Most Innovative Technology User Company” Award by Monforts thanks to its sanforizing machine investment for its denim factory.
Innovation In Textiles With Fiber Colourant Technology resmi
PolyOne ColorMatrix ™ Fiber Colourant Technology contributes to the sustainability and operational efficiency of companies.
Finishing Processes Reshaped With Jeanologia resmi
Jeanologia opens a new era in the industry with Eco G2 technology, an ozone washing process that reduces water use by 65 percent.
Ground-Breaking Technologies In Denim From Pro-SMH resmi
Drawing a great attention recently thanks to the domestic slasher machine it has produced, Pro-SMH will break new grounds in the sector with its studies carried out for denim and fabric finishing processes.
New TexCoat G3 Technology In Textile Finishing resmi
Baldwin Technology Company Inc. Showcases Groundbreaking TexCoat G3 in Textile Finishing
Morrison Has Reached Successes With 2017 Sales Figures resmi
Innovative technologies presented to world’s most well-known denim manufacturers by Morrison Textile Machinery has proven its global dominance in the market with the high sales records during 2017.
Elteksmak Will Create Difference At KTM 2018 resmi
Elteksmak being one of the most important manufacturers in Continuous Tumbler Drying Machineries in Turkey will display its continuous tumbler and stenter machines at KTM 2018.
New Generation Brushing Machine From Has Group resmi
Has Group continuing to offer new technologies dedicated to textile finishing processes with customers introduced its new generation vertical brushing machine.
A Success Story From Brückner That Turns to Dream Into Reality resmi
CDL Knits / Tropic Knits in Mauritius strike a new path in textile finishing.
Special Awards By Santex Rimar Group resmi
Foundation of Gaetano Marzotto, awards many innovative enterprises each year, announced “Premio Gaetano Marzotto Awards” held in Italy at Santex Rimar Group, SMIT workshop.
New Qualitex 800 Has Met The Highest Appreciation resmi
New Qualitex 800 visualization now available for the complete portfolio of Monforts textile finishing machines.