Well prepared for the Textile Market of the future with Sustainable Production resmi
The Austrian textile producer Feinjersey, purchased another new line from Brückner with 4.20m working width.
Geotextile lines from AUTEFA Solutions to Bangladesh resmi
AUTEFA Solutions, supplies needle punching lines for Geotextile production to Confidence Infrastructure Ltd., Bangladesh.
Brückner Partnered With Elif İplik for Future Cooperation resmi
Elif İplik, which invests its own dyehouse since 2017, one again chosen Brückner ram technologies for its dyehouse investment.
İdes Fabric Dyeing Machines at TME 2021 Fair resmi
İdes Makine that offers comprehensive solutions to the sector with its years of accumulated knowledge and industry expertise in fabric dyeing and finishing machinery will exhibit at TME 2021 Istanbul Fair.
Proses Yarn Dyeing Machines at TME 2021 resmi
Proses Mekatronik, which has been actively producing Textile Machinery since the beginning of the 2000s, is making its own preparations to exhibit at TME 2021 with its Yarn Dyeing. machines.
KRANTZ Quality at TME 2021 Fair resmi
KTM KRANTZ, while serving the Textile Machinery industry with its 135 years of know-how, will display its range of machinery in Yarn Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing, HT Jet Dyeing and Ultrasonic Washing Dyeing at TME 2021.
BRÜCKNER – at home in Shanghai resmi
BRÜCKNER’s experts are locally available for customers in China not only during ITMA ASIA 2021. The new branch office in Shanghai ensures even greater proximity to customers.
Testlab Takes Place at TME 2021 resmi
Testlab Istanbul, Turkey's leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, reserved its’ space in TME 2021.
Brückner is a Strategic Market for Turkey resmi
Ruckh, ‘’Through our very experienced service technicians in Turkey, we have always been able to provide competent support to customers, and have even received one of the largest orders for carpet coating in 2020.’’
Alkan Makine with Ram and HT Machines at TME 2021 Fair resmi
Manufacturing of machinery nearly a half century with the knowledge and expertise gained in years, Alkan Makine will exhibit its new technologies at the Istanbul Expo Center on September 8-11, 2021.
Golden Technology at TME 2021 resmi
Brazil-based Golden Technology took its place at the International Istanbul Textile Machinery Fair TME 2021 for the promotion of its newly developed textile auxiliary chemicals.
Microwave Control for Magnetic Coating resmi
Monforts Head of Technical Textiles Jürgen Hanel will take part in the next international webtalk to be held by the VDMA’s textile machinery division on May 20th.
Krantz Quality Taking Place at TME 2021 resmi
KTM Krantz, which will exhibit at TME 2021 with yarn dyeing and fabric jet machines, will introduce the latest systems that they have developed in yarn and fabric dyeing to sector representatives.
Beneks Makine Will Make a Difference at TME 2021 resmi
Beneks Makine will exhibit its new technologies at the TME Fair between September 8-11.