The Future of Quality Management: Preventive Action resmi
Uster launches five value modules for the Quality Management Platform at ITMA.
Truetzschler Opens New Center for Nonwoven Production resmi
Truetzschler opens a new customer and technology center for nonwoven fabrics to carry out technological innovations and related production processes of nonwoven products.
Bakan Tex with Trützcshler Line in Uzbekistan Sets the Pace resmi
Equipped with a complete Trützschler preparation line including a combing line with automatic lap transport system, Bakan Tex is one of the world’s most modern spinning mills in Uzbekistan.
Exhaust Emissions are Descending with Brückner resmi
With Brückner's Eco-Heat and Eco-Air systems, Getzner AG demonstrates environmental awareness by minimizing exhaust emissions.
SPG Prints at Heimtextil 2019 resmi
SPGPrints showcased its digital and rotary screen printing solutions for home furnishing and interior decor markets at Heimtextil 2019.
Brückner’s Sanforising Range Pleased Indian Textile resmi
The traditional Indian Textile company Ganga Fashions Pvt. Ltd., reported that they were satisfied with Brückner’s new sanforizing range.
EFI Reggiani, Introduced its New BOLT Textile Digital Printer resmi
EFI Reggiani, introduced its new Textile Digital Printer named Bolt, in its facility in Bergamo, Italy while customers and press attending.
Stoll and Myant’s Collaboration resmi
Stoll from Germany and Myant Inc. from Canada are now collaborating to establidh The Digital Textile Facility in textile segment.
Contact-Free Liquid Application System from WEKO resmi
October 15 and 19, focused on environment friendly solutions in the use of chemicals while introducing contactless liquid application systems.
The Source of Innovations; Switzerland resmi
Caspar Honegger's weaving loom, embroidery machine of Isaak Groebli, sewing machine of Karl Friedrich Gegauf, which are the basics of Swiss textile machinery; waiting for ITMA 2019.
Karl Mayer’s Spare Parts Web Shop resmi
Announcing the online store platform for spare parts this year, Karl Mayer offers its customers the opportunity to supply spare parts via smartphones.
Two different ink types in Monna Lisa Evo Tre 8 + 8 resmi
The world of textile printing evolves to a different point with Monna Lisa Evo Tre 8 + 8 printer. Two new ink types can be loaded simultaneously on this new printer
'Incentives Can Be Granted For Exports To Turkey' resmi
Harsh Shah, General Manager of Embee Group, which manufactures the whole Rotary Printing Machinery Systems, suggests their Turkish exports will come out on top with potential incentive regulations.
Autocoro 9 Vacuum Trash Cleaner resmi
The new Vacuum Trash Cleaner (VTC) from Schlafhorst is an innovative unit for the Autocoro 9. It improves automated cleaning of the rotor spinning machine and thus increases its profitability.