MyOerlikon has seen updates resmi
The Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Segment has successfully upgraded service portal for the products or services offered under all of its brands.
Archroma Has Awarded as ‘Green Factory’ resmi
Archroma announced that its subsidiary in Tianjin, China has awarded as ‘Green Factory’ by the local authorities.
Tommy Hilfiger Has Produced Two Sneakers From Apple Peel Fibers resmi
Tommy Hilfiger who aims at advancing sustainability has produced two sneakers by using recycled apple peel fibers on the surface layer of the sneakers.
Joe Kline has been appointed as the new CEO at Baldwin Technology resmi
The new CEO role of the Baldwin, the leading global manufacturer of innovative process automation technology, has been assigned to Joe Kline.
“The Future is in Smart Textile Products” resmi
We have had a fruitful conversation with Necat Altın, Chairman of Zorlu Textile Group focusing on several innovations dedicated to smart production regarding the smart textiles’ production and market.
Heatable Capsule Collection from 3 Giant Companies resmi
Telekom, AlphaTauri and Schoeller are launching a heatable capsule collection in the market. The collection aims a consumer segment focused with lifestyle and technology.
Manage All Procedures Digitally with MyWires resmi
From intelligent machinery to digital mill monitoring and service offers, Truetzschler has developed a digital application called MyWires that make processes easier and more efficient.
What makes an industry leader? resmi
Esquel benefits from integrated data analysis with USTER® QUALITY EXPERT
Smart Fabric Preventing Mosquito Bites resmi
Fabric manufacturers designed a fabric preventing the mosquito bites so as to prevent deaths caused by malaria.
Wearable Technologies from British Scientists resmi
British scientists are preparing to launch the world's first wearable technologies with conductive yarns.
Era of Phone Charging with Fabrics is Starting resmi
In Poland, a group of researchers developed a textile charger to charge mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronic devices.
Superior Protective Medical Fabric From Ahlstrom-Munksjö resmi
Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a Finnish nonwoven fabric manufacturer, has produced fabrics that protect against surgical lasers, chemicals and powerful chemotherapy drugs.
Intense demand for 'material of the future' resmi
The demand for composite products used in every area of our lives is increasing gradually. The world composite market is estimated to reach 96 billion euros by 2023.
Creazioni Digitali Introduced its Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 resmi
Creazioni Digitali introduced Epson Monna Lisa as part of its GreenDrop project.