Eco Application from Monforts to Schoeller Textile resmi
The Swiss fabric innovator Schoeller Textil, with the installation of the Monforts Eco application unit, ensures that protective clothing and outdoor sportswear reach a new level.
Autefa Solutions Introduced a New Injection Card resmi
Autefa Solutions's new injection card high speed Webforming subsystem, supports its customers about expand and maintain their leadership in highly competitive nonwoven market.
Sustainability Solutions from Mahlo resmi
German machinery manufacturer Mahlo presented the latest developments in the field of weft corrector and automation on the network and sustainability available in the sector.
Textechno Introduces Its Control Systems resmi
Textechno and his partner Germany-based Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. took part in Itma Asia between October 15-19 and introduced quality control systems that follow the production chain.
Chinese Copy Production Once Again resmi
Jacob Müller, at the IMA Asia + CITME 2018, has waged war against companies that have infringed patents. The patent infringement of the three player’s stands was closed.
Groz Beckert's Energy Saving Litespeed Plus resmi
At the Itma Asia fair, which took place from October 15-19, 2018, Groz Beckert introduced the new energy-saving new Litespeed® plus needle.
'Similar Quality With European Manufacturers From Beneks' resmi
Emre Seçkiner, Exports Manager of Beneks,says "we manufacture machinery that share the same quality with its counterparts in Europe. It is such an honour to hear this from our international customers."
Dilo Group Launches Nonwoven Applications resmi
Dilo Group, provides an opportunity for special applications with the production of innovative technologies for non-woven sector.
Sandler AG, Shapes Product Development With New Standards resmi
At FILTECH 2018, Sandler AG will showcase a wide range of highly efficient synthetic filter media.
Kansan Stamp on the World Nonwoven Market resmi
Kansan, which offers complete nonwoven lines to manufacturers around the world, will get into to new markets with new agents in China and Indonesia.
'Turkey Ranks Second With Nonwoven Production Capacity” resmi
Focusing on the recent investments made in the nonwoven sector, Serkan Göğüş, CEO of Mogul Nonwoven, suggests Turkey holds the second rank in Europe with its nonwoven production capacity.
The Importance of Sustainability Increases In Medical Nonwovens resmi
Rapid developments in medical technology and its products has also affected the production variety in medical nonwoven sector.
Autefa Solutions Focuses on Client Needs resmi
Supplying complete nonwoven lines to its clients, Autefa Solutions will offer its clients economic and technical advantages during SINCE 2017.
TEKSMER Project Projected To Increase Export In Textiles Completed resmi
Projecting the production and development of high technical textile products with added value in Turkey's textile exports, TEKSMER has completed its establishment.