Oerlikon Nonwoven at FILTECH resmi
Oerlikon Nonwoven will exhibit at Filtech in Cologne on 8-10 March to showcase its most innovative technologies.
Revolutionary Trützschler AUTO DRAFT Technology resmi
The AUTO DRAFT function from Truetzschler, which is part of our successful autoleveller draw frame TD 10, uses an innovative measuring method to automatically optimize the break draft during production conditions.
Worker and Doffer Wires for Nonwoven Cards resmi
In the production of nonwovens, not only the properties of the nonwoven fabric are important: minimizing the use of fibers is also crucial for profitable nonwovens production.
Successful Spunlace Trials from AUTEFA Solutions resmi
Conduct of successful spunlace trials in the Nonwovens Competence Center in Linz, Austria together with Lenzing and their team behind the VEOCEL™ brand.
ANDRITZ needlepunch line from Pureko, Poland resmi
The line will process recycling fibers from garment waste for the production of technical felts dedicated to furniture and geotextile applications.
Customized Pumps from Oerlikon Barmag resmi
At the Moscow Polyurethanex trade fair, Oerlikon Barmag presented its GM and GA series with corresponding components for various applications.
BCF Polyester Carpet Yarn Market Share in Turkey resmi
While only 3.5 percent of the BCF systems installed in 2012 in Turkey by Oerlikon Neumag were designed for polyester, this figure had already increased to 65 percent of all systems by 2020.
Distinguished Collaboration for Yarn Contamination Detection resmi
Loepfe Brothers Ltd. and Loptex SRL collaboration targeted at further improving yarn quality and productivity for spinning mills.
A Game-Changing New Wire Generation from Trützschler resmi
At Truetzschler, we’re always exploring new approaches to clothing that meets our customers’ constantly rising expectations.
Record Growth in Technical Textile Exports resmi
In the technical textile exports that continue to grow every year, Turkey has achieved a record this year.
Partner Even in Times of Crisis resmi
With the remote maintenance service of Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG, customers of the German machine builder have a partner with whom they can get quick help at any time - even without technicians on site.
Domestic And National Textile Machinery Fair In Denizli resmi
Denizli is getting ready towards an important event. Textile Machinery and Technologies Fair, first national fair and with its local theme, will be held between 23rd to 26th of March 2021 at Denizli.
Degradable Polymer PBS Plant Was Commissioned resmi
PBS facility was production-ready within less than 14 months. Initially, the company will use the new equipment to produce the biodegradable copolymer polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT)
Technical Textile Yarns from Durak Tekstil resmi
With 50 years of experience in sewing and embroidery, Durak Tekstil has increased its design and R&D works in technical textiles and catching up with the development trends in the world.