KnotMaster from Groz-Beckert resmi
In the weaving textile chain, the tying process comes before the actual woven fabric production. Groz Beckert is providing support for customers with high-performance tying machines and tying frames.
3D Lighttrans Project of Vandewiele resmi
Van de Wiele, released a new technology called 3D Lighttrans Project which lets new 3 dimensional supplies be used economically, and a new intellectual versatile spinning machine.
“Turkey Has A Key Importance For Itema” resmi
Itema Group which is shining out with its speciality at weaving technologies, is especially among one of the most preferred brands of Turkish textile market with its rapier and airjet weaving machines.
SMIT Introduces Its New Series: GS980 resmi
Joining Santex Rimar Group, SMIT, a specialist in weaving technologies, introduces its rapier weaving machine to the market.
Certificate of Appreciation for Sanko Holding from Department of Finance resmi
Sanko Holding which stated the highest level at income tax in Gaziantep, received the certificate of appreciation from the Department of Finance.
New Era In Denim Weaving resmi
Itema, a specialist in weaving technologies, introduces breakthrough developments for denim weaving through new R9500² denim.
The Collaboration of Yünsa and Emre Erdemoğlu resmi
Fashion Designer Emre Erdemoğlu displayed ‘Tin Soldier’ collection that he designed with Yünsa fabrics.
Yünsa Moved Into Profit From Loss in 2017 resmi
Yünsa, explaining to close 2016 with loss, announced to end 2017 with 14.8 million TL net profit by having increase in its turnover.
Orta Anadolu Denims at Intertextile Shanghai resmi
Orta Anadolu introduced its Spring-Summer 2019 collection at Intertextile Shanghai on 14-16 March 2018.
Van de Wiele Offers Handlook Weave Structure resmi
Van de Wiele introduces a revolutionary new handlook carpet quality, in reed 1500 dents/m with 5 million points/m².
Turkish Carpet Was Introduced With ‘İstanbul Carpet Week’ resmi
İstanbul Carpet Week, held by The Association of İstanbul Carpet Exporters, hosted activities which enriched “Turkish Carpet” brand.
Fast Supply For Imported Spare Parts resmi
Özdemir Tekstil offers high quality and fast solutions to its customers in the supply of spare parts and accessories for the weaving sector.
Cobble Van de Wiele Increases Producers Preferences resmi
Cobble Van de Wiele's expanded range of locator gauge modules boosts manufacturer choice.
Ipeker; As the First Vegan Fabric Producer in Turkey resmi
Ipeker has been granted with the V-label Vegan certificate, which is given by the European Vegetarian Union and is accepted as the most reliable vegan/vegetarian product label.