With conscious production and consumption, it is aimed to recycle, forward recycle, reintroduce all or several parts of waste.
Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Effects on Business Life resmi
COVID-19, which is called the "New Coronavirus Disease" and which has negative results in a very short time and much faster, has been declared pandemic and global health threat by the World Health Organization (URL-2) on March 12, 2020 (Şen, 2020, p.177)
Following Green Peace's actions on the purpose of preventing pollution more in 2011, states, and private organizations started to set out their own action plans.
“Milano Unica Invitation Re-Touch!” resmi
‘’Milano Unica Re-Touch’’ is the theme-manifesto for the next edition presented by Milano Unica for the exhibits of Spring-Summer 2022 trends.
Legend Is Back resmi
As the single manufacturer of the blade squeegee system, Stovec integrate combined magnet squeegee system successfully into their machines.
Bursalı is the Company with the Most Registered Design resmi
Bursalı, largest tower exporter of Turkey, maintains its success level with the growth trend
Children Design LC Waikiki's Outfits resmi
With its new collection, LC Waikiki enables girls to reflect their imaginations on their clothes.
FT60 and FT70: Leading-Edge Roving Frame Technology resmi
Marzoli’s new FT60 and FT70 represent a state-of-the-art solution, yielding the best results for efficiency, reliability and quality.
Observations of Weaving on TC-2 Jacquard Loom Workshop resmi
Ass. Prof. Havva Halaçeli Metlioğlu
Production of Denim Fabric and Global Market resmi
Sıddık Yavuz and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Onur Balci - The University of Kahramanmaraş, Tekstil Engineering Department
Knowledge Intensive Textiles resmi
Prof. Dr. Işık Tarakçıoğlu
New Trends in Yarn Technologies resmi
Associate Professor Dr. Yasemin Korkmaz KSU MMF Textile Engineering Department, Kahramanmaraş
Cool Work Clothes for Extremely Hot Environments resmi
Hohenstein Institute is conducting a study in order to re-design the protective clothing used in the high temperature industrial areas and make them more comfortable and increase the workers’ productivity