Wearable Electronic Textiles Webinar

Said webinar will discuss the “Wearable Electronic Textiles”on Monday 12th July 1.30pm (BST) attended by Manchester Metropolitan University. Registration will be done on their website.

  06 July 2021 13:24 Tuesday
Wearable Electronic Textiles Webinar

Wearable Electronic Textiles (Vol 51, no 4) was a collaboration between colleagues at Manchester Metropolitan University, across the faculties of Arts and Humanities (Manchester Fashion Institute) and Science and Engineering (Computer Science). The aim was to give an overview of the current ‘state of play’ in the field of incorporation of electronics into textile-based apparel products. The monograph recognises the vision for ‘information-gathering’ or ‘interactive / smart’ garments with the necessary electrical componentry inconspicuously incorporated into the product structure, without compromising either wearer comfort, aesthetics, or performance.

Advances in smart garments, conductive textiles textile-based actuators and sensors are reviewed alongside the issues of power supply and energy storage for such innovations. The link between ‘electronic’ garments and the internet of things (IoT) is discussed, albeit concluding that such developments are at a very early stage. Additionally, the main considerations of garment product development are highlighted, with a critical review of current commercial products suggesting there is still some way to go before a true amalgamation of electronics and textile-based apparel for the mass market can be realised.

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