Metinoks Yarn Cone Packing Machines at KTM2021 resmi
Metinoks Mekatronik, which brings all attention with its production of yarn cone packing machine, reserved its seats in KTM2021 with its newest automation systems and yarn cone packing machines.
Beneks Makine at KTM 2021 Fair resmi
Making a decision to participate at the International Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair KTM2021, Beneks Makine set high expectations for itself.
Mersan Makine Exhibit at KTM2021 resmi
Mersan Makine, the expert in producing textile finishing machinery will exhibit at KTM2021 between 11 to13 November 2021 at Kafum Fair Center (KAFUM) Kahramanmaraş.
Memnun Makina Presence Once Again at KTM2021 resmi
Providing services in the textile dyeing and finishing machinery industry, Memnun Makina will exhibit at KTM 2021 with its raising machinery.
Krantz Quality Dyeing Machinery at KTM 2021 resmi
KTM Krantz, which will exhibit at KTM 2021 with yarn dyeing and fabric jet machines, will showcase the newest innovations to sector representatives at its own stand.
Kahramanmaraş Industrialist’s Export Record resmi
Turkish Exporters Assembly, TİM September 2021 export figures indicated that the highest monthly export made possible in its history.
The Traditional Major Sponsor of KTM Fairs, İTHİB resmi
İTHİB once again this year will be the major sponsor of the International Textile Machinery Fair (KTM) taking place in Kahramanmaraş as the city has made a name for itself as the center of turkish textiles.
Elteksmak Participation at Kahramanmaraş KTM2021 resmi
Elteksmak will showcase its next-generation machinery at its stand at the KTM2021 Kahramanmaraş fair.
Effe Quality at KTM 2021 resmi
Offering innovative solutions, Effe Makine Endüstri will take part in KTM2021 with its newest technologies to communicate them to fair visitors.
Alkan with its Stenter Machines at Kahramanmaraş resmi
Leaving its name with the production of textile machinery, Alkan Makine will exhibit at Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair KTM2021 taking place between 11th to 13th of November.
Transforming the World of Textiles with ITMA 2023 resmi
ITMA 2023 is the leading business platform where the global textiles converges and engages in meaningful conversations to improving transparency and traceability and to creating a more sustainable future.
Fespa Global Print Expo 2021 held in Amsterdam in October resmi
Exhibitors and visitors are getting ready to do face-to-face business at Fespa to be held in RAI, Amsterdam, 12-15 October in light of the progressive relaxation of COVID restrictions and re-opening of hospitality and live events.
Home Textiles Fair Postponed to a Further Date with a Conflict resmi
Evteks faced another postponement just before couple of days of the event once again.
CPM Moscow will grow by 40% resmi
From 31 August to 3 September 2021 the most important business exhibition platform of the fashion industry for Eastern Europe and Central Asia will take place for the 36th time.