Turkish Apparel Industry Meets in İstanbul resmi
The future of global fashion industry, sustainable economy and new trends were discussed during EURATEX Congress and İstanbul Fashion Conference, which were held simultaneously.
Intensive Visitor Interest to KTM 2019 resmi
KTM 2019, where domestic and foreign brands exhibited the latest technologies and products, hosted an organization that steered the sector.
Great Interest to Dornbirn-GFC From Asian Companies resmi
58th Dornbirn-GFC – over 100 international speakers from industry and research presented their latest innovations and trends of the global fiber- and textile industry.
Future Trends and Perspectives to be Discussed at FILTECH resmi
With the FILTECH Show taking place from 22-24 October 2019 the city of Cologne in Germany will be the place to be for the filtration and seperation world and adjacent sectors.
“KTM Fairs are Very Important for Küçüksan Metal Makine” resmi
Küçüksan Metal's founder Ali Küçük has announced their participation to KTM 2019 and said, "We regard KTM Fair as an opportunity to reach Turkish market and to the gateway to the world market.’’
Sarteks participated in KTM 2019 with its Quality Understanding in Production resmi
Sarteks, which took place in KTM 2019 with the brands Bianco, Graf, Braecker, Loptex, Xorella, Mesdan and Laroche, brought the advantages offered to the spinning mills to its visitors in Kahramanmaraş.
Serteks presented sanfor machines in KTM 2019 resmi
Serteks launched new sanforizing machines at KTM 2019 whom has accomplished various textile machinery production tasks in Turkey and around the globe.
KTM 2019 Fair was Efficient for Cesa Isımak resmi
Cesa Isımak that is expert on industrial climate systems, established in Kahramanmaraş, proved its' influence at the KTM 2019 Exhibition.
Teknik Lastik Satisfied With KTM 2019 resmi
Teknik Lastik, who participated in KTM 2019 Fair, wanted to reach potential customers especially in textile sector. The company reached this goal at the end of the fair.
“KTM 2019 Fair Is An Unmissable Opportunity For GCM Group” resmi
GCM Group, which offers innovative solutions to textile enterprises, participates in the 5th Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair and exhibits the machines they produce.
Tekspart at KTM 2019 Exhibition resmi
Tekspart, which direct its’ sales conduct to the machinery, spare parts and industrial oils for the textile machinery sector, is taking part in the KTM 2019 Fair.
KTM 2019 Fair Opened its Doors resmi
KTM 2019 Fair opened its doors with the opening ceremony held at 11.00 today.
Ağteks will leave its mark at KTM 2019 resmi
Ağteks will take part at KTM 2019 with its spinning and quality control solutions having the high-end technologies and newest innovations.
Tüm Kalıp KTM Will Exhibit its Modern Production Technique at KTM 2019 resmi
Tüm Kalıp Aparat, which has announced its participation in the KTM 2019, is going to welcome its’ visitors at KAFUM between 26-28 September.