Corporate Sustainability from Picanol

Erwin Devloo "Sustainability is the key to our future, it is our primary duty to create better living spaces for humanity while protecting the world for our children."

  27 April 2021 09:04 Tuesday
Corporate Sustainability from Picanol

Picanol has been playing a pioneering role as both a developer and manufacturer of highly productive weaving machines since 1936. And the experience we have accumulated following the production of over 360,000 machines provides the clearest guarantee to our customers that when they choose Picanol they will be getting the very best weaving machine. Picanol develops, produces and markets high-tech weaving machines, based on air (airjet) or rapier technology. We supply weaving machines to weaving mills worldwide, and also offer such services as installation, commissioning & trouble shooting, aftermarket sales (spare parts, accessories) and training. Picanol has played a leading role in the global industry for more than eighty years and is now one of the leading weaving machine manufacturers in the world. Picanol marketing and communications manager Erwin Devloo responded our questionnaire.

Q. What are the core principles and values you pursue in the sector? What kind of approach you undertake in environmentally friendly production and recycling?

A. Over the last year, it has become more clear than ever before that sustainability in all its aspects is the key to our future. Creating a good life for all people, while preserving the world for our children is our first challenge. With this in mind, Picanol defined its 4 development principles - Smart Performance, Sustainability Inside, Driven by Data and Intuitive Control - which are the guidelines in all our ventures.

Smart Performance

Performance is the first requirement for any machine or feature, and the obvious indicator is the theoretical maximum speed. Very often, however, the gap between this theoretical speed and the effective speed under real-life conditions is huge.

Sustainability Inside

When it comes to preventing waste and reducing energy consumption, Picanol has long faced up to its responsibility. Our machines are designed with a built-in capacity for sustainability. When starting the design of a new machine, we have to do better than just a few picks faster than the previous generation. Today’s world is all about connectivity, user-centric design, intuitive controls, self-learning capacities and sustainability ... to name just a few. These are the benchmarks for a future-proof design.

Driven by Data

We all know that digitization will become ever more important in the next decades. Data have to be captured and made available for artificial intelligence, making production more efficient.

Intuitive Control

Kids nowadays handle new technology effortlessly and intuitively. That’s what we want for our machines as well. Just like your smartphone or your car, the machine display is the interface that controls nearly all the machine functions.

Q. What are the advantages of using TerryPlus-i SmartShed Technology? Would you describe the compatibility of SmartShed innovation with dobby and jacquard technology?

A. “SmartShed” is specially developed for weavers who wants to get the maximum out of digitization and flexibility. “SmartShed” stands for High and Smart performance. On the screen you can set the law of motion, the crossing position and you can check the stroke, the shed angle but also, which is very unique, you can check the load on each harness frame. If the color is green it means that you still have margin, you can change the law of motion and increase the speed. If it’s orange, you still have 10 % margin. When it becomes red you have overload and you have to reduce the speed or the law of motion. Now with this system you can save a lot of time and time is money.

Q. What improvements have been made in the forerunner rapier technology? How would you rate customer satisfaction and how would you define competitiveness of this technology?

A. If versatile and productive weaving is your objective, now you can be sure of real added value with the unique, future oriented OptiMax-i. The OptiMax-i offers all the possibilities for growing to the top in your market.

Ready for every new opportunity. Guaranteeing optimum fabric quality. Best in class for minimum energy consumption. Optimizing your precious time. And creating space to unleash your utmost creativity

Together with our customers we constantly strive to improve our machines and services, in order to stay ahead of the competition. So if you really want to get the most out of your market, your material, your energy, your talent and your time, the OptiMax-i provides the platform for you to keep growing. Because that is the essence of weaving.

Q. Can you give us some information on sales and marketing strategies of Picanol? What stage are you in to achieve them on a global scale?

A. Service towards our customers has always been a priority for Picanol. For years Picanol has invested in local gravity points in the major textile areas: China, Indonesia, India, Turkey, USA, Mexico and  Brazilil. In numerous other countries Picanol disposes of a local network of technicians and service engineers. They speak the language, are familiar with local practices.In these Covid times, with restriced travel, this has proven to be extremely valuable as we have people on the spot.  Service is only “a phone call” away, so to say.

Q. How would you evaluate 2020 for your company? What gains and losses you experienced in 2020?

A. Over the last months, we have seen a strong market recovery. Now investors are hopeful again and are anticipating on the expected catch up in demand for fabrics. They are also reacting to shifting trends: as people have been more at home, the attention for home textiles and casual wear has grown. So the textile manufacturers are both growing production capacity and adjusting their equipment to respond with the fabrics the market is asking for right now.

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