Growing Association’s Members Increased to 214

The Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists Association (TEMSAD), which was established in 1998 to serve for the Turkish textile machinery industry, continues to operate with 214 member companies.

  29 April 2021 09:03 Thursday
Growing Association’s Members Increased to 214

Textile Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers Association (TEMSAD) maintains its operations in 3 main product groups; 22 of  them areTEMSAD members, which are composed of Textile Machinery, Textile Machinery Spare Parts and Textile Chemicals manufacturers, have R&D centers and 4 of them owns Design centers.

TEMSAD Represents Alone 90% of the Sector

Nearly 90% of the Turkish textile machinery industry manufacturers are under the umbrella of TEMSAD.

Starting from the reality that textile machinery as the main product classification domestically in imports should attract the majority of investments every year, TEMSAD compiled its efforts to counter with this growing addiction. In every given chance and in every platform, the association conduct works to grow awareness about the importance of domestic machinery usage in Turkey via bringing into discussion prototypes at different locations around the world. In the context of  increasing domestic machinery usage, initiatives are already been made under the guidance of public instutitions.

750 Million Dollars Worth of Export from Members

As the consequence of these activities, thanks to the added value made for the economy,to the textile machinery industry,by increasing %20 per cent every year, increased textile machinery export was significant from 38 million dollar in 2001 to 752 million dollar by the end of 2020. Textile machinery manufacturers who can be more competitive with price and quality consideration in the world day by day, with the facilities provided by TEMSAD at home and abroad, continues its journey more effectively in a more powerful way by contributing to the domestic economy gradually.

The association that signed bilateral cooperation agreements with textile associations and institutions of the countries considered as textile production centers in the world, recently in the context of collaboration with Turkey Home Textile Industrialists and Business People Association (TETSİAD) and Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters' Union (İTHİB)  will continue to support both the sector and its members by signing an agreement with the conformity to a protocol in the coming days.

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