Temsan Machinery Will Exhibit Its Latest Technologies

General Director of Temsan Cem Erdoğrul answered ITMA's participation and wondered companies.

  08 June 2019 11:20 Saturday
Temsan Machinery Will Exhibit Its Latest Technologies

Since 1960, Temsan Machinery, which combines the know-how concept and dedication to keep up with the latest technologies to provide humidification systems, provides services with efficient and fast service solutions thanks to our agents all over the world.

Providing customers with special requests from project departments and R & D centers, Temsan offers the highest reliability for complete process solution, efficient performance, energy savings and plant quality in the textile humidification system.

The company is one of the companies that attach the most importance to ITMA 2019 fair and make great preparations. Temsan Machinery will exhibit its latest technologies at the A212 stand in Hall 8.1.

General Director of Temsan Cem Erdoğrul answered ITMA's participation and wondered companies. Erdogan underlined that the global scope of Temsan is not only related to factories abroad that is already a standard. In more than 35 countries on 4 continents, Temsan covers a large number of customer networks that offer a wide range of interdisciplinary solutions, an excellent opportunity for all of our business partners.

Our ability to work in any geographic location and with physical condition arises not only from our technical strength that unites engineering and manufacturing processes, but also from this huge network that makes everything easy and perfect. Therefore, companies that choose to be a part of this network can reach much more than a business relationship. Ebil Cem Erdoğrul emphasized that the main objectives of the textile plants were to provide the highest efficiency in their production: complete process solutions in systems, highest reliability for efficient performance, energy saving and quality in your business.

Explaining that Temsan paid special attention to ITMA and that they made special preparations for this purpose, Erdoğrul said that he was presenting technological innovations to the fair visitors and sector representatives in Hall 8.1 stands and invited all the visitors to their stands.

Erdoğrul emphasized that since the 1960s, they have gathered the know-how concept and devotion to provide the most ideal systems and to follow the latest technologies. Our project department and R & D Center; works continuously to develop innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.

Erdoğrul emphasized that they do not only develop technologies and user experiences based on advanced technology applications. As Temsan, we continue to focus on information in addition to technology. The information includes not only the machine manufacturing processes but also the applications in the textile industry. The real evaluations of our yarn, weaving and denim yarn dyeing facilities are the main source of solutions produced close to the ideal in our designs.” said.

Cem Erdoğrul underlined that they are an environmentally conscious company and concluded; ”We invite all textile machinery manufacturers to our ’One tree for every 25 kw installed power project for a more livable world for the children of our planet we will have in the future.”

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