Quality Is Our Philosophy of Life, Our Product Is Our Signature

Giaovane Gentile General Manager Zaur Samedov who says “We indigenise the quality as our philosophy of life.” Also stated that”Our product is our signature.”

  19 April 2019 12:17 Friday
Quality Is Our Philosophy of Life, Our Product Is Our Signature

Founded in 1984, Giovane Gentile is starting her adventure in a small 9 square meter store in Beşiktaş. Giovan Gentile General Manager Zaur Samedov who says “We bought all the rights of Giovane Gentile brand, one of the most important Italian brands in 2001, and brought them together with our domestic and foreign customers.”, also stated that in 2005, they have started the production of the Giovane G. Gentile brand which is already integrated into the Giovane Gentile brand, thus he is concluding to that they gathered all the men brands under the same roof.  In addition to many concept stores in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, we are also bringing our collections to consumers in hundreds of corner stores. By adopting a customer-oriented service approach, we produce our own unique designs and continue to work with expert designers.

We Will Grow Mainly in Abroad

Giovane Gentile, the company's general manager Samedov said: “At the end of 2018, we have 125 sales points in 25 countries. 25 of them continue to operate as a “monobrand concept store mağaza with Giovane Gentile. We have a total of 58 inde monobrand concept stores around the world with 33 stores in Turkey. When opening our first branch and opening our 33rd store, our goal was always the same. Our customers do not give up on us and bring them together with a quality product scale. With this awareness, we will continue our growth mainly in the future.

Combining Production Power with Design and Marketing Techniques

Samedov underlined that the production in Turkey has been taken so far in know how as a result of that the producers in Turkey were making contract production for the Itaian brands; regarding the new start-up companies that are growing internationally in Turkey.  Especially in the luxury segment in the manufacturing of products in the world market forefront of Turkey is located, branding and began to demonstrate the strength of the company towards the brand exports," said Giovane Gentile General Manager of Zain Samedov, "There are key points must be considered important to give these power companies in all sectors reveals. For example; R & D, which is the most important agenda item of the brands that draws the vision of the future by combining their manufacturing power with design and marketing techniques, is like the shops, designs and marketing techniques that are the meeting points of the final consumers.”

Our Customer Number is Increased by 25% and Our Sales by 35%!

“We have increased the number of our customers by 25 per cent and extended our sales by 35 per cent within the framework of the Loyalty Program we implemented last year in retail retailing.” said Samedov while adding;  “We closed the year 2018 with close to 50 per cent growth compared to the previous year. We may continue to be affected in the short term due to the changes in inflation in 2019, but we expect that the retail sector will be a year in which e-commerce will increasingly continue. Supporting the strength of your country is also important when creating a worldwide brand. Our government also carries out important studies on this issue. The best example of this is the Turquality Project. The main purpose of the project is; to contribute to the branding process of Turkish companies in the global market and to provide financial support, consultancy, human resources, information, intelligence, promotion and advertising support to brands that have the potential to become a global Turkish brand. As Giovane Gentile, we continue our efforts to be integrated into the Turquality project.”

50% In 2018, We Will Open 65 Stores In 5 Years

“With an aggressive growth in 2018, we closed the previous year at a rate of close to 50 per cent.” said Samedov, also added; “We are continuing our efforts to make our current growth process sustainable. In 2019, we aim to continue the sustainable growth in sales at the same rate and strive to increase our number of branches abroad to 40 by the end of the year. Within the scope of our Turquality program, we aim to open 65 stores in 5 years abroad. We will continue our efforts with the principle of domestic and national production without slowing down.”

We Add Value to Our Brand with Innovative and Smart Products

Samedov gave the following information about the product, web, machine and production processes; “As Giovane Gentile, we are importing our fabrics from Italy. Because the PH level of water in Italy allows the production of better quality fabrics. We take all of the fabrics ourselves and we attach great importance to the quality of sewing of fabrics. The quality of yarn and fineness of our Limited Edition products comes to the fore. The innovation we have encountered in every sector is now seen in the textile sector. We are adding value to our brand by designing innovative and smart products by following the new techniques developed in the world. Innovation in new trends is an issue we attach great importance to. Because technological fabrics make everyday life easier and it increases the functionality of clothes. With this awareness, digitalization and the production of smart products is a topic that we give importance and focus on. As a closer example, we have mounted thermometers on the inside of our coat and coat models for several seasons. In this way, by measuring the body temperature inside the coat according to the environment outside the user, we opened the way to spend every hour of the day more comfortable. In addition, our suits, jackets, coats and overcoats are water repellent. We produced products that can be ironed and breathing easily in line with the characteristics of the fabrics used in our shirt collection. There are some new systems that we are currently planning and working with during testing. For example; the selection of products in the virtual environment, the arrival technology to welcome stores, such as the charging cable to be removed from the belt. Recently, we aim to take the fruits of our work. We aim to meet our followers with technological products as soon as possible.”


We Adopt Quality as a Philosophy of Life


Zaur Samedov, General Manager of Giovane Gentile said that; “We adopt quality as a philosophy of life. We always aim for the highest quality level in every work we do, every product we produce and every service we offer. Our customers are the focal point of our understanding of quality. We try to apply the philosophy of that our product is our signature from production to management in all units. We think about the future with quality textile products obtained from sustainable sources. We carry the spirit of pioneering entrepreneurship open to the world and change. Since the day we were founded, we closely follow the developments in science and technology and we prefer functional fabrics with high added value in accordance with the latest fashion trends in our collections.” Samedov continued his speech as follows: “ Starting with the motto of “the value of the word of the gentleman‘ by always maintaining our quality line; we collect 80 per cent of our collections as ’Giovane G. Designers‘ and 20 per cent as ’Giovane Gentile Limited Edition which is composed of very special selected materials. With the concepts of ’Business, Casual and Trend‘; Giovane Gentile Limited Edition and Giovane G. Designers, who are 'naturalness', who are open to new experiences in life, appealing to stylish, modern and urban men, by adopting the principle of accessible luxury in our collections; We are signing our signature.”

We Have No National Textile Policies

Samedov noted as following about the problems of the garment sector in Turkey;  "Especially in the past year, our industry can say that there are negative consequences for economic fluctuations. Rents of non-fixed and non-fixed shopping malls in foreign currency are rising as equivalent to foreign currency during the year. In addition, there are structural problems of the sector. We don't have a national textile policy. There are very few brands in the national market. There should be a national mobilization due to the recent economic conditions.” Samedov who noted that they are Supporting the disinflation program, as Turkey's leading menswear company taking their own responsibility and as one of the brands more fulfilling customers,; also stated that they went to at least a 20 per cent discount, to accelerate the economic development of our country and carried out in all studies for the fight against inflation in order to make sustainable, while taking part in projects he added.

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