‘’Pro-SMH Brand Machines Are The Best In Their Category’’

Pro-SMH co-founder Cüneyt İşman said that they worked effortlessly to make Pro-SMH brand to have a reputation in the industry and to be the major preference and with the point they have reached; mentioned about their said successes.

  12 October 2021 09:21 Tuesday
‘’Pro-SMH Brand Machines Are The Best In Their Category’’

PRO-SMH manufactures indigo, sizing, slasher and conical warping machines for the sector with years of engineering experience. Denim Industry has been leading others with the machinery manufactured. The company produces at world standards at its 20 thousand sqm production facility located both in İzmit and İstanbul and exporting from these spots to world regions. Pro-SMH co-founder Cüneyt İşman said the following, ‘’Sucker and Krantz have been the core and base of German textile machinery manufacturing over a century. To a satisfied customers with their numbers exceeding thousands, machinery provided with the highest quality and with high performance. After long years, both companies have combined their expertise and know-how under Moenus Textilmaschinen. As recall, Pro-SMH was established by key stakeholders of Moenus Group following its bankruptcy and closing operations in 2008 and from then, to maintain traditional success of Sucker and Krantz brands, it has been growing and developing under Pro-SMH brand. The first and foremost aim of Pro-SMH was to provide service, spare parts, modifications and upgrades to former customers of these brands.’’

World Class Service Network

Pro-SMH board member Cüneyt İşman said, ‘’We put our philosophy at the top of our marketing strategies as a company under its establishment with our widespread service network providing services to our customers. When we experienced problems about services provided relate to the machinery sold to various clients within pandemic as all of these complaints were the case of our competitors; these issues were set as examples by our expert staff and dedicated personnel whom have proven our right strategy and business conduct.’’

While emphasizing on problems experienced by manufacturers about the lack of competition in after sale services and machinery installation, İşman shared the following,‘’ We are as management made a decision to provide services with our newest machinery as the major preference in the market and with machinery protfolio in 2015. Pro-SMH, has become a global brand in years with its world class sales and service network and its yearly turnover has already exceeded 25 million Euros. Pro-SMH mainly focuses on research and development with a tremendous budget to come up with better machinery and solutions to its customers. As a consequence of these works, we have been successfully built in one of the most reputable research and development centers under our own facility.’’ said İşman and continued his speech with the emphasis on added experience of specialized teams whom have been actively serving in field and in industry, ‘’We were successful in forming a team composed of multinational professionals from Germany, Italy (ROSTONI) and Turkey with accumulated knowledge and field experience. At first, we would like to emphasize on PRO-SMH operating software that are developed entirely by ourselves in our certified R&D center based on Sucker technology, and the philosophy targeting Sucker's former employees.’’

While stating that as Pro-SMH, they are aiming to offer the ideal solutions and in this regard, all of their work revolving around this major point, İşman shared own pleasure to be the part of a team whom have been well-trained and built on spesific knowledge for years to come, ‘’During development, design, engineering and production phases, primary emphasis given to the former employee’s firms to protect their quality standards at % 100 percent. A team of well-trained employees, many of whom are either native Germans or trained and educated in Germany, working hard to find the perfect solutions for our valued customers worldwide. Pro-SMH team internalize years of experience and know-how of their employees in its operations.’’

Sales and Marketing Center Based in Germany

As the company placing trust on prominent industrial cities İzmit and İstanbul as of its major production centers, sales and marketing center based in Germany Aachen. İşman provided information on their ongoing works about sales and service operations. İşman said that they are maintaining works with the future vision of continuous development and growth and pointed out their work direction to materialize these targets and said, ‘’ 'In 2016, EsBe Consulting and Trading GmbH, based in Aachen, joined the PRO-SMH group for its worldwide sales and service activities. In addition, Rostoni from Italy became a part of the PRO-SMH group in 2018. The Rostoni family has been engaged in weaving preparation for decades to run a company for sizing on a commission basis, by building up a great deal of experience, especially in the field of technical fibres. Rostoni was also serving the market with customary built machinery that have greatly benefited its customers attach to their exceptional reliability and performance.

With the integration of Rostoni PRO-SMH, the broad knowledge base can be strengthened in all circumstances and again a strong presence can be achieved in one of Europe's major markets for high quality fabrics. Moreover, Rostoni in Italy, with its highly qualified and experienced expert staff, now acts as a competence center for conical warping, single-ended sizing for all types of man-made fibers and is always in search of extraordinary solutions for our customers.”

"We Don't Compromise from Our Quality"

İşman continued his wording as follows, ‘’ 'While manufacturing machines, Pro-SMH apply only materials and components that could meet premium quality standards. For this reason, more than 70% of the material in use are in supply from Germany and from other EU nations. Even for raw materials such as stainless steel, Pro-SMH prefers to work entirely with German and/or Western European manufacturers. The remaining parts of the machinery are either manufactured by us or supplied worldwide applied to the worldwide standards in quality.’’ said while reminding about their core brand promise on quality standards which they have never compromised of. İşman said that they are making an effort to increase the domesticity level of the components they use in their production, and that they cooperated with local manufacturers for their manufacturing, with the following words; “We support our domestic producers as much as we can. We are in cooperation with industry associations to manufacture spare parts domestically with the same quality that have already been used in our imports. In the coming period, our intention to lower the proportion of components that are of our imports around % 70 per cent to use them in our machinery.’’

'Our Distinctiveness is the Work of Our Competitors’

While continuing evaluations, Cüneyt İşman said that the most fundemantal reason why customers prefer their company has been the quality and technology that they have developed, as well as the service that rival companies can never provide. In this area, providing production standardization such as Sustanability, lean production, Industry 4.0.

İşman said on the subject, “When we look at the growth level with Pro-SMH, a company established in a short time length, with our long years of expertise and industry know-how, customer satisfaction both in Turkey and around the globe is a reality that always make us happy. On the other hand, customers who are choosing European-origin machinery manufacturers as of their major preference in the same sector discipline growingly reporting issues with these and turning our route to our Pro-SMH technology because of their dissatisfaction. On-site service and assembly are of vital importance, especially during the pandemic period. We have seen that machinery could not be assembled or proper service advise or guidance despite giving assembly could not be serviced.’’ İşman, who was not willing to share more information on their competitors said the following,  “The most appropriate response formulated to our manufacturers that ‘Do not re-order machinery if you experience an issue.’ Especially our foreign competitors could not lodge their re-peated orders. What we do is to accept and handle all of their orders as Pro-SMH.’’ İşman said that the only occasional orders that foreign companies can access are amongst the customers that they cannot deliver on and the customers who may work with these brands for the first time.

"Our New and Repeat Orders Increased"

Our customers, who have adopted our quality and customer satisfaction principle, have always gained in profit and continuing in this path said İşman, "The increase in our customers who prefer the benefits attach to production with Pro-SMH quality in our sales recently has increased our clients whom we have been partnering in forming right strategies and providing solutions.

Many of our customers have made us proud by choosing our brand in their new investments.’’ Giving information about the companies they work with, İşman said, "Rimsa, based in Kahramanmaraş, placed an order for the second line after purchasing the first Slasher one, and we also supplied the 5th sizing machine to Şirikçioğlu, one of the leading denim manufacturers in Turkey, also based in Kahramanmaraş." İşman continued his speech by exemplifying new manufacturing lines order by Tüsa Denim facility as in their early preference of European machinery followed by an order to Pro-SMH,  “Our customers, who prefer European machinery, changing their direction and coming to us after experiencing issues and dissatisfaction with what they get. Kipaş Tekstil, one of the important textile manufacturers of our country, ranked amongst our customers whose major preference towards European machinery and replaced by Pro-SMH brand flashligtning a query on our mind as, ‘In what ways we can improve our services as of our clients directing their preference towards our machinery followed by their harming experience with our competitors?’ This could stand as motto that we should have been embedded in our strategy and marketing. Bursa-based company TKS preferred the technology and systems newly developed by our company for the modernization of 8 Sucker Muller sizing machines in its production line, while choosing Pro-SMH technology for its 9th machine investment next to 8 European origin machines. İşman said, “We are thankful to Şirikçioğlu, Kipaş, İşkur, Bossa, Saitex and Yağyemezler companies, which bought in machines from European manufacturers and remained them in their businesses, for preferring the Pro-SMH brand for their new rope opening investments.”

“Pro-SMH Brand Is The Best Machine In Its Field”

While strengthening their years of engineering experience with the R&D center they established, Pro-SMH has become the sought-after brand of investments. It is known that at the first investment level, inexperienced staff or management and countering issues in a short period, delivering of orders timely and without suffering from advertorial or promotional costs and so on are all the major considerations. Cüneyt İşman said that they worked hard to make the Pro-SMH brand a well-known and preferred brand in the sector, and that they have succeeded in achieving this, “Experienced producers do not hesitate to try out alternative ways in their investments. Because what we discuss here a technical team and accumulated experience and know-how to overcome issues thay may arise. In case of any problem, existing machinery are operational. This reality is quite different while discussing about investments made at the base level. Tos tay away from risks associate with new investments, manufacturers main preference will be the leading brands in the market. They are not willing to take risks. To avoid issues on our way, brand preference with the best solutions in a market in which they have capability. It looks more like an unspoken language and set of rules.

Recently, Pro-SMH has been the preferred brand for all investments made at the base level in Turkey. Bursa-based Bozdağ, Edo 2, Ezgin companies as well as Özege from Kayseri are some of our customers who prefer our machines in their investments.” said İşman and shared the following,  "It is not plausible to say  "I am the best". Customer preferences will guide you on that. If you are the preferred choice in the new investment of an investor, if your European or American competitors in established markets return their new orders after sales, you are better be off from the deal. We, as our customers, can say that,  Pro-SMH brand is the best one in its own field.” Continuing his explanations, İşman said, “We know that we need to work harder to ensure keeping trust of our customers, and to offering better and accurate solutions, and we should continue to work in this direction. Our interest in technology continues to increase. We will maintain our leading position in the sector with new R&D solutions.''

'Our Technology Work Maintain'

İşman concluded his speech as follows, ‘'Also, as PRO-SMH, we have recently been working on very advanced technologies such as ULTRASONIC and PLASMA and have now completed our trials in enterprises and that these are systems that will revolutionize the world textile industry.’’

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