Dokuboy, Succeeded In Creating a Difference in the Finished Fabric with Its R & D Studies

Yarn mill manager of Dokuboy Tekstil Madencilik A.Ş Cemal Eroğlu said, “I believe that the main source of the difference in the product is the raw material. With our R & D activities, we were able to create differences in the finished fabric.”

  25 April 2019 00:00 Thursday
Dokuboy, Succeeded In Creating a Difference in the Finished Fabric with Its R & D Studies

Dokuboy Tekstil Madencilik Co. Inc., which has been operating since 1990, operates in Kahramanmaraş where textile industry carries out Open-End, Ring Spinning, Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing operations. Dokuboy draws attention as an integrated organization with close to 1,000 employees. About the products and product quality Dokuboy Textile Mining Co. Yarn mill manager Cemal Eroğlu said, “We are an integrated facility. Dokuboy Spinning Group's production and products need to provide information about our 20-tonnes / day open-end spinning mill, weaving and knitting enterprises for Ne: 6/1 from Ne: 40/1 up to 100% cotton, 100% viscose and similar cellulosic eight and melange yarns are produced from the fibres, 100% polyester and all kinds of blends of these fibres. In our ring spinning mill, it has a capacity of 25 tons / day. Corespun-Dualcore spun yarn production and 100% Viscose-Modal-Tencel with cellulosic origin and their yarns for cotton blended knitting and weaving mills are produced. Within the framework of the ISO 9001 quality management system, our processes and final products are produced in the specified quality specifications by targeting the highest limits of Uster quality standards. But the main quality is the result of our integrated facility and as a result of the dyeing and finishing process, we have obtained the quality certificate of all our yarns in the finalized fabric.”

We Target the Highest Limits of Quality Standards

Dokuboy Tekstil Madencilik A.Ş.  Spinning Mills Manager Cemal Eroğlu stated that “Under the ISO 9001 quality management system, all production is targeted at the highest limits of Uster quality standards, and it is produced in the quality specifications specified by the processes and final products. Finalized fabric is obtained as a result of the issuance of the quality card of all our yarns. Quality starts with the selection of raw materials according to the end-use point and all of the physical measurements are applied according to the 100% inspection principle and fibre classification is provided. After this stage, production, quality, plan and process adjustment schemes are realized throughout the production line. The final fabric results in the suitability of the yarn to the quality requirements. The effective implementation of quality management and quality processes and simple 5-S principles and lean management system in our enterprises are our most important business rules.” Regarding the machines and certificates they have Eroğlu, stated that; “Open and ring machines, carding and CE machines are all Rieter group. Our G36 machines have Amsler effect systems and Pinter – Amsler elastane system. Our coil machines consist of Savio Pulsars and Muratec Qpro models. Transport automation is in the form of Trascar Utit. In addition, our laboratory, bobbin over cleaning and carding foreign material separation systems are Uster brand. Xorella fixation machine is used in our enterprises. Our spinning mills have ISO 9001, OEKOTEKS, BCI, ORGANIC, COM4 and USTER certificates.”

Our Main Goal Is To Increase Our Production Capacity

With regard to market share and target market in Turkey, Eroglu, stated that; "Our main production facility mesh with our largest customer for 75% of our production capacity as a result of our processing yarn is dyed fabric. 25% yarn production is transferred to domestic and foreign weaving and knitting factories. Our domestic market share in our last product, knitted dyed fabric, varies between 6-10% in years. Our main target is to increase our production capacity at every kind of yarn supplier point with our 3rd stage yarn facility which is currently in the project phase.” In 2018 and 2019, Cemal Eroğlu, Head of Yarn mills at Dokuboy Textile Mining Co. said, “The global economic difficulties in 2018 were felt at a low rate in our company. In the first quarter of 2019, we feel that our sector is accelerating in a positive direction. As Dokuboy, this situation has affected us positively and we have taken our 3rd stage ring spinning mill and air spinning system yarn project to our agenda”

We Include Different Products with Effect Systems in Dokuboy Fabric Production

Cemal Eroğlu, in order to respond our question “to direct the market and to address different markets, to select your machine park, and the market's flexibility and demand for different types of yarn; how it was important for you to choose the machine park”; stated that ; “2. our stage ring project has been designed to address the yarn needs of weaving and denim mills outside our own, and the most effective effect / elastane systems have been added to the production of particularly effect and elastane yarns, and more importantly, the selection of the last stage winding machine has been made.”  In respond to our question of “Do you do R & D studies on developing new products?”; Eroğlu said, “I believe that the main source of the difference in the product is in the raw material and therefore in our sector it is in the fibre. Especially in our second investment, we have managed to create differences in the finished fabric by making our R & D studies for the cellulosic origin fibre types and their mixture with cotton. We have included different products with effect systems in Dokuboy fabric production. In our new Ring and Air Spinning yarn production facilities, we aim to produce products that are more flexible with both machine park and fibre types to be used. Together with our new investment, I believe that we will carry out an intensive R & D study. We have started to design our ring and air spinning systems for synthetic yarn production.”

KTM 2019 Will Open the Horizon of Our Employees and Investors

Regarding our question of “How do you evaluate Kahramanmaraş Textile Machinery Fair KTM 2019 in your region? As KTM 2019 both as a company and as a region, how we could provide you with the added value to Kahramanmaraş?”; Eroğlu said: “It is necessary for both our investors to have KTM 2019 will also open the horizon of our employees. The changes made in the machines are a very good organization in order to see the positive developments that will create difference and quality in the product. However, apart from our people in the region, I think it is necessary to work in order to attract investors and product suppliers both in neighbour countries and other ones. In order for our country to have a voice in the world, investments in production and related sectors need to increase.”

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