Dilo Group will Exhibit Nonwoven Innovations

Dilo Group, while introducing itself to the Tekstil Business readers, also announced its Itma participation.

  02 May 2019 00:00 Thursday
Dilo Group will Exhibit Nonwoven Innovations
Which innovative technologies Dilo Group producing for nonwoven sector?

An essential part of DILO’s 117 years history is innovation. Some developments (e. g. DI-LOUR, DI-LOOP) opened new markets for nonwoven products. Continuous improvement of our machinery and components allow us to raise the bar of production capacities and quality.

First example of a recent development is the “HyperLayer”- technology. We reinvented the camelback lapper technology and increased infeed speeds up to 200 m/min. The web transport between two screen aprons (“frozen web”) is suitable for low weight webs, e.g. in spunlace lines. We were able to place this lapper type in various lines during the last year.

Another interesting innovation is the “HyperTex”- process. Consisting of a yarn layering machine of OnTec and a DILO needle loom, it allows the production of reinforced needlefelts. The high flexibility and productivity (up to 20 m/min) and in-line production are the main benefits of the process.


Would you give some information on the product range of Dilo Group?

DILO is known worldwide for high quality machinery which combines excellent performance and durability with reliable service. We focus on fulfilling the demands of our customers in the best possible way and offer tailor-made nonwoven lines. Starting at fibre preparation, the machines of DiloTemafa ensure the optimum in opening and blending of fibres. The card feeding systems and cards of DiloSpinnbau realize a high productivity and web quality for a wide range of fibres. Last but not least, the needlelooms and crosslappers of DiloMachines are known for fulfilling the highest demands and setting standards in the industry. With subsidiaries in USA, China, India, Turkey and Russia we are able to provide very strong service and a high availability of spare parts.


How would you evaluate the current position of non-woven technology? Would you extend your comments within this scope with the demonstrations in medical and hygiene sector?

The year 2018 has been marked, like the preceding years of 2015 through 2017, by an above average production of complete nonwoven production lines. We are looking very positively into the future since the nonwoven market is steadily growing due to the high productivity of needlepunching technology, its versatility in terms of fibre types, process parameters and fabric weight. Consequently, the needlefelt product can be easily adapted and engineered according to the intended function in an increasing range of applications.

Especially the hygiene sector will grow as forecasts indicate. Markets which were less active are catching up, and due to the nature of disposables high production capacities will be needed. Medical products are highly specialised and produced under very strict conditions. Due to the value creation of medical products and the rapid development of the medical sector, it is a promising market.


Dilo Group is presenting compact production lines to clients continuously. Would you offer specific solutions and technologies to the market?

Our main business is the production of lines with large working widths up to ca. 15 m. For smaller capacities, highly specialized products and research tasks DILO offers lines for needlefelt production like the “CompactLine” or even smaller the “LaboratoryLine”. These narrow lines are flexible, adjustable and provide a similar product quality level as our large standard lines.

All DILO lines are engineered together with the customer and include specific solutions and technologies.


How would you evaluate your position both in Turkish and World markets with the machines constantly produced?

DILO is the major supplier of complete lines for staple fibre nonwoven fabrics with an emphasis on needlepunch technology. Over the last decades, we were able to strengthen our position by participating in the worldwide growth of the nonwoven industry. Especially the Turkish market became more and more important. By building up fertile relationships with important Turkish costumers, we implemented very interesting projects in hygiene, medical, automotive and geotextile applications.


How would you rate the importance of Turkish market? Could you inform us on the targets and investments in Turkish market? Would you share comments on nonwoven production capacity of Turkey?

As said before the Turkish market is very important and by growing above average every year it gives us promising prospects for the upcoming years. We expect further projects in the near future, from complete lines to single machines which replace older ones and modernize existing production plants.

Thank you for the opportunity and an invitation to your esteemed readers, please feel free to visit us at the upcoming fairs Techtextil (14 -17 May 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Hall 3.0 Stand H33) and ITMA (20- 26 June 2019, Barcelona).


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