Record Participation to ITMA Fair from Turkish Textile Machinery Manufacturers

Turkish Textile Machinery Industry is ready for the ITMA Fair held in Barcelona with 165 exhibitors. TEMSAD President Adil Nalbant, made important statements evaluating ITMA.

  10 June 2019 00:01 Monday
Record Participation to ITMA Fair from Turkish Textile Machinery Manufacturers

The ITMA Fair, which is one of the most prestigious fairs in the world and which is held every four years between the European Textile Machinery Association (CEMATEX) member countries, opens its doors in Barcelona between 20-26 June 2019.

The fair will exhibit the products of more than 1700 textile machinery manufacturers and suppliers from around the world and Turkey is performing a record participation of its 165 firms.

Turkish Participants are receiving the third largest participation after Italy and Germany with Dyeing and Finishing Machines, Yarn Machines and Sub-industry, Printing Machines and Printing Coatings, Weaving Machines and Sub-industry, Flat and Circular Knitting Machines, Textile Chemicals and Dyes, Textile Side Industry Products, Ready-to-Use Clothing Machinery, Raw Fiber Fibers and Yarn.

Turkish Participants who gathered Turkish Textile Machinery and Side Industry under one roof and cooperated with textile companies in 18 countries around the world, prepared a fair under the leadership of TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accessories Industrialists Association) which has a respected place with the brands say 'MADE IN TURKEY' and 'TURKISH MACHINERY', will be the year of the exhibition is united in belief.

TEMSAD President Adil Nalbant who made a speech at a press conference on the ITMA Fair and Turkish Textile Machinery, said: “There is no need to tell ITMA fairs success. This is one of the most important 3 organizations of the textile machinery industry and is the European pillar. All participating countries and firms are striving to present and promote their products in the best way for more than one hundred thousand textile producers and investors from many countries of the world. The aim of TEMSAD Association is to introduce Turkish Textile Machinery as one of the first three countries to make the biggest contribution of this fair and to increase its market share.”

“We are one of the World's Largest Textile and Textile Technology Manufacturers”

Adil Nalbant said that Turkish Textile Machinery and Subcontracting manufacturers today are among the most respected companies in the world and continued his speech, “As of the end of 2018, our country is one of the world's largest textile and textile technology manufacturers with the export of textile machinery which is 750 million dollars and 1.9 billion dollars. In Turkey, it will be invested over 2 billion dollars in annual purchases with domestic technology. Turkey is also the location of one of the world's most important and biggest textile producing countries. Generally, many large textile brands are produced in Turkey and is delivered to the end consumer. Turkish companies that produce in modern and technological facilities meet the textile and ready-to-wear requirements of the USA and EU countries where consumer awareness is increasing. In this case, between textile-producing countries in the world while Turkey is moving one step further, still in the machine that performs the production with the latest technology of European machine manufacturers are knocked on the door of Turkish firms.”

Export to 5 Continents

Adil Nalbant said that Turkish Textile and Machine Industry is also rapidly developing Turkey has attracted attention in recent years with the established R & D centers Production Technology. He also said, “As TEMSAD Association, we closely follow our members and their productions. In order to increase the market share of our members, we made cooperation agreements with textile companies in many countries of the world. Our companies, which have a voice in the world in machinery and technology production, have succeeded in becoming a brand in their respective fields. We are among the most participating countries of many exhibitions not only ITMA Fairs but also our brands that have succeeded in exporting to 5 continents. Turkish Textile Machinery Manufacturers who increase their market share and competitive power every year, we have no doubt that ITMA Fair will have the most popular stands from Turkey. I'd like to draw more attention to this from here. In addition the strongest part of the participating countries at ITMA, one of the biggest buyer groups will be Turkish Textile Manufacturers. ITMA Fairs organized in the last 25 years were the most visited and buying Turkish investors.”

“ITM Fair is the Most Important Exhibition in the World After ITMA”

Fairs are one of the most important marketing tools that bring the technology manufacturer and user together in the same field. All companies turn their exhibitions into a showroom and make the technology race. Today, while these fairs are adding value to enterprises, it is useful for people who produce technology and use these technologies to visit fairs. Especially, ITMA and ITM Istanbul are important organizations for high value added technologies. Speaking of ITM Istanbul Fair, I have to give a brief explanation. After ITMA, ITM Fair is one of the most important and most successful fair in the world. This large organization, which we took place as TEMSAD, took place in 2018 with the participation of 1150 companies from 64 countries and 59 thousand foreign visitors from 94 countries. Participant and visitor satisfaction rate was quite high in the surveys. We also believe that ITM 2020 Fair will be successful.

Finally, I would like to mention that Turkish Textile Machinery provides many advantages to the consumer. Superior technology, quality, abundant spare parts and technical service, the position of the center of the world to be considered as a location, many countries, such as the ability to provide fast delivery facilities, our manufacturers provide advantages. Once more, Turkish Textile Machinery Manufacturers have their own offices or a wide dealer network in many countries. These advantages take our manufacturers a step further than their competitors.

We hope that the ITMA Fair will be a successful event by all Turkish Textile Machinery Manufacturers.

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