Montex Maschinenfabrik and Monforts at ITMA 2019

Austrian Montex Maschinenfabrik expands the finishing line of its cooperation with Monforts and talks about the preparations for the ITMA 2019 fair.

  08 June 2019 11:22 Saturday
Montex Maschinenfabrik and Monforts at ITMA 2019

As the key site for the construction of Monforts finishing machines, Montex Maschinenfabrik in Austria is currently working flat out to meet a very busy new order schedule, while also finalising the new exhibits which will be unveiled at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona this June.

“We have been working very closely with the Monforts research and development team in Mönchengladbach, Germany, to take the latest new ideas through testing and prototyping, in readiness for the exhibition and for future series production,” says Montex plant manager Gert Hanzl. “We are fully exploiting the many new possibilities being offered by Industry 4.0 in the continuous development of design and manufacturing methods.”

Located in St. Stefan, in the centre of Austria’s Lavant Valley, Montex Maschinenfabrik was founded by Monforts in 1982 as an advanced manufacturing hub. From the outset of Montex in 1982, we have specialised in all aspects of machine production, including high-precision sheet metal working, laser cutting and welding, the assembly of components, painting and shipping, along with a well-organised spare parts service. The respective electrical switch cabinets for the machines are delivered just-in-time from Monforts in Germany according to our production schedules.” says Gert.

Special Manufacturing Machines from Monforts

While there is standardisation in series-produced Monforts machines, Montex is increasingly called upon to construct tailor made machines with unique designs, according to the special needs of the customers. “We aim for the best combination of already-proven components and carefully-tested special constructions,” says Gert. “We are able to handle extremely large projects, having recently shipped a complete finishing line to one customer within eight weeks, and we were particularly pleased with our proven design of a challenging stenter frame with a 320-degree temperature chamber. We are currently manufacturing machines with working widths of 5.6 metres and we can produce those with widths of up to seven metres, if requested.”

Monforts Expanding Product Portfolio

“The business is currently running very well and with ITMA 2019 approaching we are ready to meet a special challenge,” Gert says, emphasising that the loyalty and satisfaction of the Montex workforce is of paramount importance. The main Monforts machine portfolio, including the industry standard Montex tensioners and drying machines, Thermex staining intervals and Monfortex / Toptex compressor shrinkage ranges, as well as Matex pads and Eco Applicator minimal coating units, has been significantly expanded by the acquisition of Timatec. These products are adapted to Monforts electrical plc-control standards and are now available as Monforts texCoat and Allround units.”

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