KMTSO Support for TME 2021 Istanbul Fair

Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board (KMTSO) has made a corporate decision to sign a protocol with the International Textile Machinery Fair TME2021.

  23 August 2021 09:30 Monday
KMTSO Support for TME 2021 Istanbul Fair

KMTSO, which made a corporate decision to support the International Textile Machinery Fair TME 2021, will make a strong participation to the fair to be held in Istanbul between 08th to 11th of September 2021. KMTSO, while informing textiles based in Kahramanmaraş about promotional works, with the reliable information to be provided and with the necessary support to the Members of the Board whom are scheduled to visit at their stand in the fair area, and in this way make their fair experience a beneficial one by considering their expectations.

Despite the fact that challenging pandemic compelling textile industrialists to follow certain procedures, textiles have successfully attracted attention with their new investments and capacity increase. To have a say on the subject, textile sector maintain its position as one of the most prominent sector disciplines while taking into consideration the economy in Kahramanmaraş. Especially with the momentum experienced in technology and quality, the city successfully has exceeded domestic standards and has reached a level in which it can be in a direct competition with world textile markets with easiness.

In the textile sector, considered to be the largest industry in the city, 450 thousand tons of yarn production, 165 million meters of woven fabric production, 65 million meters of denim production, 176 thousand tons of knitted fabrics production and 30.1 million pieces of ready-made garments production recorded in related sector disciplines. Adding, 251 thousand tons of dyeing and bleaching works are carried out.

With this reality, as city has become a global raw material center, considerable influx of foreign capital in the nation and at the proximity of its regions are made possible. Kahramanmaraş that built in at the east part of the Mediterranean Region on fertile lands, % 37 per cent of total yarn production and  % 18 per cent of total woven fabric production carried out by Kahramanmaraş.

Kahramanmaraş has been the attraction center for textile sector with nearly 300 textile and apparel manufacturing centers available in the city. Within the framework of the cooperation protocol between Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KMTSO) and International Textile Machinery Fair TME 2021, which will be held in Istanbul Expo Center Yeşilköy between 8-11 September 2021, KMTSO fair stand will also be constructed.

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