Italian Textile Machinery Ready for ITMA

Italian participants will be represented by approximately 360 companies on an area of approximately 30,000 square meters at the ITMA

  07 June 2019 09:17 Friday
Italian Textile Machinery Ready for ITMA

ITMA is a showcase where traditional textile machinery manufacturers have the opportunity to present their current innovations. The presence of Italian participants in ITMA Barcelona is remarkable in terms of the number of participants and rankings to be the first country in terms of area usage. Italian participants will be represented by approximately 360 companies on an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square meters at the ITMA

The Italian companies exhibited in Barcelona are listed in the following disciplines: 22% in the spinning / winding section, 10% in textiles, 9% in knitting / socks, 35% in finishing / printing and 24% in other business areas planned for the show

Alessandro Zucchi, President of the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (ACIMIT), on his evaluation about ITMA said ‘’ Once again, the Italian textile machinery industry will be a leader with a large number of participants in the most important international showcase for textile machinery. This confirms the importance of the industry in terms of the quality and technology level that we can express’’

Award for Sustainable Technologies Project

ACIMIT will award two of the 40 member companies participating in the Sustainable Technologies project during the press conference to be held on 21 June at the ITMA. The Italian Green Label Award aims to reward companies that are more sensitive in recent years by further reducing the carbon dioxide emitted by their machines

Target Market Grows

ACIMIT President stated that Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam are taken as target markets and also pointed out that Turkey, China and India remain as reference markets for the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers. In addition to these traditional Asian markets, Zucchi added that the Sub-Saharan Africa has a great potential recently

Zucchi pointed out that Italian machineries manufacture approximately 2.5 billion Euro worth of high technology machinery annually and stated that ‘’ACIMIT is carrying out national and international studies for information sharing within the industry and for  problem solving and industry growth in the sector. Creative, reliable and high quality features of Italian machines with sustainable technology initiative have been underlined in international events’’

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