Effe Quality at KTM 2021

Offering innovative solutions, Effe Makine Endüstri will take part in KTM2021 with its newest technologies to communicate them to fair visitors.

  27 October 2021 08:50 Wednesday
Effe Quality at KTM 2021

Effe Endüstri made a name for itself in the industry that sets goal for itself to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to various business segments ranging from yarn to apparel in the textile industry in order to support them to stay competitive in the industry with high value added product/services and to minimize their production costs. Effe has become in a short period of time as one of the leading textile machinery and machine accessories manufacturers in Turkey and around the world thanks to its technological capability and user-friendly solutions developed both for end-users and for other domestic and foreign machine manufacturers, and thanks to its long years of experience in machinery manufacturing.

Effe Makine, while achieving successful collaborations recently with the industrialists of Kahramanmaraş and with the region and supporting a number of investment projects in machinery manufacturing, is getting ready to direct industry representatives at KTM 2021 about its technological expertise and core strengths in textile machinery available in its product range. KTM2021 fair, scheduled to be held between 11-13 November at Kafum Exhibition Center will share the same timetable with the International Textile Summit UTZ as an organization of Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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