Turkish Engineers Will Hit 150 Billion Dollar Stamp

Turkish engineers continue to write success stories. With the cooperation of Aksa Akrilik and Bossa, which is one of the organizations that direct the textile sector in Adana, a brand new fabric was produced for the denim sector of the world.

  25 April 2019 00:00 Thursday
Turkish Engineers Will Hit 150 Billion Dollar Stamp

Developing technology is guiding the sectors. The companies that use technology correctly and invest in technology continue to win. The new denim fabric produced with Acare fiber, which is the brand of Aksa Akrilik, has antibacterial, soft, very flexible and hot-cool properties. The new generation fabric, which is produced by using acrylic fibre for the first time, is expected to bring a new breath to the denim sector, which mainly uses cotton, polyester and viscose blends as raw materials.


Antibacterial Jean for the 150 Billion Dollar Market

Aksa Akrilik and Bossa hand in hand, a new generation of denim fabric has been developed in Denim industry, which reaches to the market of about 150 billion dollars in the world, will mark a new fabric developed by Turkish engineers. Aksa Akrilik and textile giant Bossa's joint work, the first time acrylic fibre denim fabric is produced. While denim fabrics are normally used in cotton, polyester and viscose blends, a denim fabric was developed for the first time with Acare fibre, the brand of Aksa Akrilik.

What are the features of the fabric?

One of the most important characteristics of this fabric is that being antibacterial and the reduction of odour formation. It also features soft, flexible, warm-cool handling. It also has the potential to open up new spaces, especially to designers, since it is a fabric that does not make any feathering.

Taş: “We Have Created New Areas of Use for Acrylic Fibre”

Cengiz Taş, General Manager of Aksa Akrilik, expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation they had with Bossa. Taş, "We have developed our own technology with innovative products in Turkey to create added value for the economy, we are pleased to cooperate with your esteemed company on our country's innovative products," he said. Taş, said: “In cooperation with Bossa, Acare fiber, which is the sub-brand of our Acryluna product, was used for the production of denim fabric. Thus, a raw material that was not used before in the denim sector was used. Aksa Akrilik and Bossa's joint technology forces combined to create a soft, hygienic, hot sweat-free cold non-cold fabric. I hope that our cooperation with Bossa, a company that manages textiles in the world, will increase exponentially.”

Duru: “We are Increasing our Denim Capacity”

Bossa General Manager Onur Duru stated that they are happy to join forces with Aksa Akrilik, the world's largest acrylic fibre producer. Duru said that almost 80 per cent of European exports are made up of denim fabric.  As a company, we continue our efforts to increase our denim capacity. As a company that closely following technology, fashion and trends in the world; we produce nearly 50 different products every month in our R & D centre. In our cooperation with Aksa, we have done something has not done in the world of denim sector before and we used acrylic fibre in denim fabric. This is a brand new fabric that we believe will meet changing customer expectations. We have obtained a fabric with superior properties in terms of hygiene, softness and flexibility. We produced our first samples. We will start mass production soon. We aim to export the fabric to the US and Far East countries, especially to European countries.”

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