New Investment Move from Kipaş

Hanefi Öksüz, Chairman of the Board of Kipaş Holding, "Currently, we are both increasing our capacity and modernizing our machines."

  17 August 2021 09:50 Tuesday
New Investment Move from Kipaş

Kipaş Holding, which sustains its investments in many sectors such as in Paper, Cement, Energy and Starch, especially in textiles, holds a prominent position amongst group of companies that export the most in Kahramanmaraş with the highest export figures.

One of Turkey's most valued companies, Kipaş Holding, with its experience of more than 30 years, aims to improve production quality and efficiency; it always stays one step ahead with the importance it attaches to advanced technology and social responsibility projects. Kipaş Holding companies, which joined in Turkey's largest 500 industrial enterprises list announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 1991 for the first time, continue to maintain this success as its tradition even after growing as a holding. Founded in 1984, Kipaş Holding, which is among the largest groups in Turkey in terms of the number of factories today, is the group of companies that perform the most exports in Kahramanmaraş with its export performance.

Kipaş, which achieves 10% of Turkey's annual yarn production alone, has a rich production portfolio that includes fabrics produced from all fiber groups, especially cotton, in its fabric production facilities.

Hanefi Öksüz, while giving information about new investments, said the following, "Currently, our main focus for investment directed at three fields. We are establishing one starch facility. We are mentioning about corn starch plant because we benefited from this facility mostly in paper industry. Our region is also very suitable for corn production. Secondly, we have new yarn investments in textile, as it has to be since we have the largest facility in Turkey in terms of yarn and adding we are both increasing our capacity and modernizing our machines. Our paper investments continued, said to be a special type of paper in which we are going to invest. Also, another paper investment at Söke and we are about to start off our production about it. We are bringing another machine as second to succeed in it.’’

“We are both increasing our capacity and achieving new investments”

Hanefi Öksüz, Chairman of Kipaş Holding, stated that they have been continuing their work in the textile industry for 30 years. Öksüz stated that they prefer technologies that provide continuous savings and are environmentally friendly in their businesses, and pointed out that they are constantly carrying out modernization studies, thus increasing their capacity and in this way not alienating themselves from the developments in the market.

Öksüz; “There is Open end and Vortex investment this year, we also invest in textiles, so if we want to change textile machines every ten years, we have to install at least 50 thousand needles every year. Apart from this, we focus on technical textiles with modern fibers, which Turkey has a serious shortage of. As we are planning our investments in the medium and short term, we have turned to quality and useful products in the field of technical textiles that Turkey demand for."

There is also an investment in the starch sector this year.

Expressing that they also focus on non-textile investments, Öksüz said that they are turning to energy, paper and cement sectors, adding that 40% of Kipaş Holding is made up of the textile sector, and that they have investments in the starch sector this year.

'What we earn in Kahramanmaraş will return to us'

While stating that they made their investments in the land where they were born, in Kahramanmaraş, Hanefi Öksüz said that they also attach importance to social responsibility projects and said; “We have educational institutions in Kahramanmaraş which starting from kindergarten and continuing at primary and high school levels. We succeed in providing scholarships to all successful students here, and 70 percent of our students are on scholarship. Our door is open to successful people who want to get a good education. In addition, we give to Kahramanmaraş what we have earned from Kahramanmaraş with 12 schools, 2 hospitals, places of worship, condolence houses, youth and sports supports and scholarships as a part of social responsibility.”

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