Koton Will Be The World’s Leading Brand

Gülden Yılmaz, founder of Koton, provided insights at the G3 Forum, held for the 4’th time, which aims to guide young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates

  29 May 2015 09:36 Friday
Koton Will Be The World’s Leading Brand

Koton, one of the leading apparel manufacturers, came together with Turkey’s entrepreneur candidates, students and civil society representatives at the G3 Forum held during the Entrepreneurship week. With 255 stores operating in Turkey, 107 overseas, a total amount of 362 stores providing service in 25 countries, the founder of Koton Gülden Yılmaz in her briefing during the Forum stated that; In the first years that Koton was established they only had 10 stores, but today they have reached to 380 stores and added that, this increase contributed as 38 times of a growth in terms of the stores, where as they expected a turnover exceeding 1 billion 560 million Turkish Liras for the year 2014, stating that their turnover had grew 70 times between the years 200-2014, “A growth that hasn’t been seen throughout the Globe.” “Or if there is, I am not aware of it.” Now operating in 24 countries, Yılmaz explained that in 2015 this number would certainly be increased, reaching to 380 stores together with overseas with the aim to satisfy their 6 billion Liras turnover target.

We Will Be A World Brand”

Yılmaz explained that they wanted Koton to be a World Brand, yet added that they still had a long path in front of them. With a 100-piece collection, Minnie by Koton was performing very well, “We appealed to children, young girls and adults. There has been too much demand that we had to produce them over and over again. Even Disney has been so pleased with the results that they want to carry out new projects”, she explained. Yılmaz said that they were planning to make other improvements, as they were producing perfume, nail polish and body care products they will be adding colorful cosmetics to these lines.

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