Intertek ‘’Maison Masters’’ Selected

The artisans have been selected with the support of Michela Finaurini, an expert in high-quality fabrics and handicraft work, based on strict criteria.

  09 September 2021 08:56 Thursday
Intertek ‘’Maison Masters’’ Selected

Artisanship has long been a hallmark of luxury, from embroidery and ceramics to haute couture fashion, and today Intertek is pleased to announce a new initiative to spotlight the work of selected artisans, reinforcing the value and expertise of craftsmanship in fashion.

Intertek’s Maison Centre of Excellence for Luxury has selected 14 leading artisans – the ‘Maison Masters’ – and will showcase some of their most innovative work, from new insights and techniques to processes that date back centuries, bringing science credentials to luxury craft.

The artisans have been selected with the support of Michela Finaurini, an expert in high-quality fabrics and handicraft work, based on strict criteria. The selection process requires that all products are handmade, sustainable, unique, and their disappearance would represent irreparable damage to the luxury industry in Italy, but also abroad where many high-end brands use Italian craftsmanship for their collections.

Engagement Between Artisans and Brands

With Maison Masters, Intertek seeks to highlight their work on a global scale and enable their discovery by leading luxury brands. As part of the programme, Intertek will also host an event to celebrate the diversity of talent within the cohort which will allow brands to interact with the artisans. Online, brands and companies can discover the artisans on and can contact Maison to engage with an artisan displayed.

The Artisan brands highlighted are: Anna e Alex, Bottega Conticelli, Casarotti Calzature, Darte, Denim, ISarti, Laura De Cesare, Mazzoleni Gloves, Monica Rocchini, Phillacolor, Ricamificio Filottranese, Romy Pelletterie, SF Italia, Similea.

Pursuit of Perfection, ’Made in Italy’’

“I believe in Artisanship born from INNOVATION, while still rooted in history and legacy – this is especially important for a society that is forgetting how precious time, care, patience, quality and thought sharing is. Artisanship is a UNIQUE discipline and the pursuit of perfection, that comes from the heart, hands and a treasure trove of human innovation. This is what still thrills in the world of ‘Made in Italy’, and it’s so important to ensure we recognise and preserve these unique skills that are so fundamental to the luxury sector and wider society”, says Michela Finaurini, R&D Fabric and Embroidery Expert and patron of the initiative.

Quality, Sustainability and Innovation

Elena Ruffino, SE+EERCA Sales & Strategy Director SL&HL of Intertek, said: "Intertek is committed to safeguarding quality, sustainability and innovation at every step of the luxury supply chain, and with our Intertek Maison initiative, we are delighted to support the preservation and recognition of a skill that is fundamental to the luxury sector, particularly in a time of immense change in consumer behaviour and when value is increasingly connected to innovation and sustainability.

Artisanship and luxury have always been strongly interconnected. Artisans have long been the drivers of the enduring success of ‘Made in Italy’ throughout the world, and their work should be celebrated and preserved. We can learn much from their enduring approach to quality, safety and sustainability.

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