Innovative Fabrics from Yünsa

Yünsa's special fabrics, which can adapt to hot or cold temperatures with the integration of 37.5 technologies, provides users humidity control with Dry-touch technology will become the seek-sought of many industries especially defense industry.

  06 October 2021 08:50 Wednesday
Innovative Fabrics from Yünsa

While giving information on the subject, Yünsa General Manager Mustafa Sürmegöz said the following, “As Yünsa, we achieve our goal to produce fabrics with the use of innovative technology especially in uniform fabrics with our core promise to be the trendsetter and leader of change in the industry. We are able to produce fabrics that are resistant in selected features and that suits well various demand.’’

In his speech, Sürmegöz underlined their position in the market both in Europe and around the globe as the biggest in Europe and one of the top five in the world in fabric production and adding the important player in upper segment fabric development. While mentioning about their importance as the trendsetter in fabric, Sürmegöz said, ‘With the innovative fabrics that we have developed recently moisture can be removed from the fabric with the advanced technologies: in this way we can keep body resistant in summer and warm in the winter and also can keep dry in all climates. Our fabrics with thermal comfort and high performance are the major choice in much industry especially in defense industry as these are dependent on highly resistant clothing material.’’

Innovative Power Applied to Fabric

Sürmegöz continued his speech as follows, ‘’ As Yünsa, our innovative power applies to fabric. We receive feedback from the field and turn them into innovative ideas to the solution of issues. Our fabrics with high performance to adapt various weather conditions, come up in range of colors and in design is an indication of this.’’

Both resistant and flexible

While Sürmegöz added important information on the technical features of uniform fabrics, said the following, ‘’In our fabric material woven with carbon-reinforced yarns, a range of features come to our attention such as absorbency, drying speed, UV protection, antibacterial properties, knife cut resistance, abrasion resistance, pilling prevention, wind-proof, high tearing and breaking strength. While these special fabrics are under treatment by water provide ease of use with their ability to keep water out of the fabric. Our fabrics are a major preference for several industries thanks to these features such as defense industry, outdoor sports, life saver team and production industry. We are able to produce our fabrics specifically to meet the needs of these manufacturers and meet their expectations.

Wool Blend Makes Wash-ability

As an example, in some product groups based on our customer choices, we offer fabrics with washable wool instead of making them washable with 'washable finishing.' This makes fabrics that have been a subject of test phases for twenty washing treatment with 'gentle-wash' are to be provided with instead of dry touch and temporary wash-ability feature of finishing.

Heavy weight products suitable for outerwear

Our uniform product group also includes heavy weight products resistant to harsh weather conditions. 100% wool and wool blended outerwear not only keeps you warm in cold weather, but also offers soft touch and high quality features. These fabrics are also suitable for overcoats, coats, capes and hood products.

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