First-hand Fair Experiences amid the Pandemic

China market rebound confirmed and how your business can benefit from it?

  09 July 2021 09:18 Friday
First-hand Fair Experiences amid the Pandemic

To discover the feeling on the ground at Intertextile Apparel’s Spring Edition, Messe Frankfurt spoke with fairgoers about their experiences, their forecast for the Chinese market and new trends and changes they’ve observed over the past year.

With business very much resuming in China, the textile market is moving full steam ahead on a fast track of recovery, witnessing a strong rebound and even increased growth from before the pandemic.

Over the past year, Intertextile has continued to connect the textile industry to help exhibitors and buyers capitalise on the fast recovering Chinese market and to delve into new trends. The Spring Edition in March 2021 welcomed nearly 2,600 exhibitors from 17 countries and regions, along with 80,533 buyers. Fairgoers observed high footfall, numerous genuine enquiries and orders, along with an overall optimism of the market’s rebound. The overriding feeling that the textile industry is recovering and progressing in China, dominated conversations at the fair.

New Rising Trends

What’s more, new and emerging trends were observed at the show. A year and a half on from the start of the pandemic, quality over quantity and a demand for new, unique products are the reported stand-out changes. Accompanied by an increased popularity for pandemic-related products such as anti-bacterial, hygiene-focused and sustainable fabrics and solutions, the Chinese market has seen several shifts since the outbreak, posing greater opportunities for innovative suppliers.

Onsite, Hybrid and Online Solutions

Of course, many businesses have been restricted by travel limitations, so Intertextile has introduced a range of hybrid and online solutions to enable easy and efficient participation for overseas suppliers and buyers. These solutions will again be on offer at the Autumn Edition this August, including enhanced hybrid options, so you don’t need to miss out.

To tap into the re-established domestic demand in China this August, Chinese representatives of overseas brands are welcome to join the fair in-person with an onsite booth. But for companies unable to join physically, a Hybrid Exhibition Package is available which includes an onsite booth to display products, whilst exhibitors can utilise the fair’s online platforms for business matching and to schedule video meetings with buyers. More detailed information about the different participation options can be found at the end of this article.

Fairgoers’ testimonials

Mr Jackal Tsang, Regional Sales, Orta Anadolu, Turkey: “The market in China picked up quite quickly after the covid-19 disruptions last year, we noticed recovery and rebound in the market around May 2020. This is why we’ve been promoting in the domestic market and using the stock in our Shenzhen warehouse over the past year.”

Mr David Chu, General Manager, Shanghai Baosai International Trade Co Ltd (Agent for Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti SpA), Italy: “Basically, domestic customers who want to find European imported fabrics will come to Intertextile. The pandemic has accelerated consumers' high requirements for product quality and they are more concerned about product safety. This year companies are also relatively more open to invest more in comparison to last year.”

Mr Guanlian Yuan, General Manager, Design Union Agent, UK: “This edition, we have brought with us the latest prints sent over from London. Today the visitor flow is quite high and we’ve seen a lot of brand designers and fabrics directors, who are all decision makers.”

Ms Zheng Liu, Product Manager, Alumo AG, Switzerland: “The purpose of participating in this fair is to send out a signal of confidence to everyone and to show that we are still operating in a healthy manner. This year, we are growing together with our Chinese customers and providing them with good quality products. Overall, the fair is an effective, prestigious platform for the industry to receive different customers in a centralised place. We can gather with existing customers while it is convenient for new customers to find us as well.”

Mr Justin Ji, Manager, Omniapiega S.R.L. Italy: “We are a joint venture with an Italian company specialising in pleated fabrics. We participate at the fair every time because we recognise its results. Our customers are willing to come to visit our booth because of Intertextile’s great influence, so the fair is a bridge between us and our customers, as well as a platform for us to showcase our products.”

Ms Weili Jiang, General Manager, Reda (Shanghai) Trading Co Ltd, Italy: “We have participated in Intertextile for many years and every time our experience is very good. After all, this is the most important apparel and fabric trade fair in China. Since it is not so convenient for us to travel and visit customers in the current pandemic situation, it’s nice that we can conduct and complete business talks during the fair. Through our exchange with the customers, it is obvious that the market is recovering and this boosts our confidence.”

How can you showcase your products at the industry’s leading trade fair this August?

We’ve got you covered! There’s several ways for you to join Intertextile Apparel’s Autumn Edition including in-person, hybrid and online solutions. So no matter where you are in the world, you don’t have to miss out.

o Exhibit at the fair in-person with a dedicated booth for your company
o Have your Chinese representatives or branch office attend the fair in-person to manage your company’s onsite booth
o Join the fair with our Hybrid Exhibition Package – showcase your products onsite and interact with buyers via our business matching and online platforms
o Haven’t decided yet? Get in touch to discuss your options in more detail

What’s included in the Hybrid Exhibition Package?

o Onsite booth to display your products along with AV equipment for playing videos for extra brand / product exposure
o Access to Connect PLUS and the fair app for AI driven business matching and to schedule video meetings
o Instant messenger and product enquiry services for buyers to submit enquiries

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition will be held concurrently alongside Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Autumn Edition, Yarn Expo Autumn, CHIC and PH Value, providing a one-stop sourcing platform for the entire industry, under one roof.

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