Demas Makine at Istanbul Textile Machinery Fair TME2021

Within time being, operations are underway for the new product launch as Demas Makine will exhibit at the fair with its demanded Fabric Cutting Machines besides the Full Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine.

  26 July 2021 17:19 Monday
Demas Makine at Istanbul Textile Machinery Fair TME2021

Demas Tekstil Makine, which was established in 2012 thanks to its 45 years of experience and know-how in the production of textile machinery, offers a range of specialized services in textile machinery production and technical service to the textile sector in areas such as in Fabric Control, Fabric Cutting, Fabric Wrapping, Fabric Packaging. After launching textile machinery manufacturing, Demas, which participated in many fairs domestically and  internationally within the scope of promotional efforts, will demonstrate its success in the TME 2021 Textile Machinery Fair, which will be held in Istanbul.

Enes Haşıloğlu, the General Manager of Demas Makine, talked about the fair, while mentioning about the exhibits at the fair such as Fabric Cutting Machines that have attracted great interest recently, as well as Full Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine, “We are making our own preparations for the TME 2021 fair, similar to the preparations we have made for the Itma fair in order to turn the TME 2021 Fair into an opportunity’’. Stating that in addition to the machines they announced during the fair, their portfolip incorporates another machinery developed recently for its launch, Haşıloğlu said, “We do our job with love, we see the fruits of our work enriched love. I wish our fair to be beneficial for our industry.”

Demas Tekstil Makine, which employed a 200m2 stand by participating in the International Textile Machinery TME 2021 fair, which will be held in Istanbul between 8-11 September 2021 as part of its promotional activities, invited all stakeholders in the sector to the fair to see their new technologies.

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