Hanno and Brückner Agreed One More Time

After a belt dryer with four dryer compartments installed, HANNO signed another agreement with Brückner due to an increased demand so to expand the machine capacity.

  21 February 2020 09:51 Friday
Hanno and Brückner Agreed One More Time

Hanno, having the focus on impregnated foamed material for industrial applications, previously signed an agreement with Brückner for a belt dryer with four dryer compartments in 2011. Hanno decided to expand the capacity due to the increasing demand and HANNO signed another agreement with Brückner for another dryer with four compartments.

The Length will be twice

HANNO expects from the belt dryer which would then be twice as long, an increase of the throughput speed for drying the web material (transfer adhesive). In order to increase the energy efficiency of the line, a BRÜCKNER ECO-HEAT PE 15 air/air heat-recovery system was ordered in addition to the machine extension.

The Heating Requirement of the Dryer is Reduced

The energy saving concept that is checked and supervised by an energy consultant uses the exhaust air heat to heat up fresh air. The heated fresh air is fed to the dryer, thus reducing the heating requirement of the dryer.

“The Production Speed Can be Increased by 65-100%”

HANNO project manager Reinhard Vogelei, “Depending on the product, the production speed could be increased by 65-100%, the specific gas consumption per square meter of transfer adhesive was reduced by 30%! So the investment in BRÜCKNER’s heat-recovery system pays off for HANNO in a very short time,” he said.

The maintenance-friendly heat-recovery unit therefore requires very little maintenance: only the outside air filter needs to be cleaned from time to time to prevent pollen and dust from the outside air from entering the production building.


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