Elteksmak showcases its innovations in Barcelona.

Elteksmak will introduce the latest technological developments and innovations to the world at ITMA 2019.

  07 June 2019 08:15 Friday
Elteksmak showcases its innovations in Barcelona.

Elteksmak, founded by Mehmet Poslu in 1994 and concept ‘Electronic Textile Machinery’ has been active in textile drying and finishing technologies since the first day it was founded. Approximately 20,000 square meters of factory space with indoor considered, is located the heart of the textile sector in Turkey Denizli. Elteksmak manufactures machines such as Poslu Ram Machine for textile dye shops, Elmego X and El-Nino Continuous Tumbler Dryer, Airelax Belt Dryer, Vaporesso Pressurizing Machine, Hanging Fixing, Foulard units and sells all these machines to over 40 countries including Turkey. The company opens up to new markets with its extensive agency network and related technical service points, and strives to ensure that its customers in the current markets receive the most accurate service in all processes from the sales stage to the technical service stage.

Mehmet Poslu, Chairman of Elteksmak Board of Directors, made a statement about their participation and product portfolio at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. Poslu expressed his gratitude for the intense interest in the ITMA exhibition and made a statement that contains the ITMA 2019 fair about the machine and technological innovations to be exhibited at the Hall 2 - C209 stand. “We will show EL-Nino Continuous Tumbler Drying Machine, which has become even more efficient with its improved features, the third generation Poslu Ram machine, which was firstly launched at ITM 2018 Fair and then received the design award, and our High Clamping Pressed Foul Unit.

Poslu said, “We will provide our visitors with award-winning designs, and share all necessary updates with them regarding our innovations in our machines.” He stated that they were prepared for the fair in the most accurate and effective way possible in the ITMA 2019 fair and they expected to benefit from ITMA in achieving the market targets. “We would like to host our customers from all our target markets in the best way and share the latest information about our machines. We are aiming to reach the maximum number of countries and firms that have reached a certain distance in our negotiations so far and can meet with the companies that are in the decision phase. As a result of the fair for a long period of time, we hope to follow the visitors effectively after the fair and to bring new markets to our company.”

Describing his views on the 'Innovation Lab' (Innovation Lab) to be held at ITMA 2019, Poslu said that they think such practices would be useful in these days when the Industry 4.0 revolution was discussed.

Mehmet Poslu said, “It will facilitate the accumulation of knowledge, technology sharing, new production or control technologies in all intersectoral, interdisciplinary or customer-producer contexts, making all processes related to production more effective and making all parameters more stable.” and continued, “On this occasion, we see it as an activity that should be taken seriously and we can say that we will follow the activity with the maximum possible way during the fair.”

Poslu also reminded that they had participated in ITMA 2015, and he also emphasized that the fair was very productive. “As I mentioned earlier, ITMA fairs guide many companies to develop the right strategies for special fairs and markets. Our fair participation in 2015 opened the doors of new markets such as Mexico, Belarus and Argentina. We are expecting a similar effect in this fair with our more advanced technologies.”

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