Cooperation Between Innovatec and WEKO

Innovatec, the world's leading producer and quality leader of meltblown nonwovens, is investing in a WEKO fluidapplication system for the functionalization of meltblown nonwovens.

  15 November 2021 08:30 Monday
Cooperation Between Innovatec and WEKO

After several series of tests in the WEKO-TechnologyCenter as well as further tests in the running production conditions with a loaner, the system was convincing. “The WEKO fluid application system is an economical as well as ecological system, which push Innovatec in the position to produce high quality products. By using this system, the amount of additives and their emissions are greatly reduced, ”said Mr. Jaeger in response to the question “Why WEKO?”.

Largest Manufacturers in Meltblown Production

Innovatec Microfibre Technology GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1995, is one of the most modern and largest manufacturers in meltblown production, with around 110 employees. In addition to a large machine park for the production of meltblown nonwovens, Innovatec also has the most modern spunbond systems at its disposal, which optimally complement the product portfolio. The consistently high quality of the products can be guaranteed through constant quality control in the in-house laboratory.

Thanks to continuous innovation and investment in the latest technologies, Innovatec maintains its role as the world's leading producer of meltblown nonwovens.

"We are pleased to be able to win a renowned and future-oriented customer in the field of nonwovens production with Innovatec and we look forward to a good cooperation", says Mr. Christian Heinle, Key Account Manager at WEKO.

About WEKO, the Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG

The WEKO experts provide worldwide support in the selection and integration of non-contact minimum application systems in the production process. In this way, they help customers achieve clear benefits and cost advantages in the materials to be processed and / or in the process. Comprehensive services such as test series in the WEKO-TechnologyCenter and high WEKO service standards round off the offer.

WEKO offers non-contact minimum application systems for one or both sides of the application of a wide variety of fluids, with which nonwovens as well as classic and technical textiles are equipped.

In particular, precise and reproducible order quantities die, guaranteed high process reliability, offers a high competitive advantage here. The use of the necessary fluids can sometimes be reduced by up to 60% with the same functional quality and optimal reproducibility. For example, you can equip medical needs such as surgical clothing, surgical drapes, face masks and respiratory protection masks with antimicrobial properties or, in the case of hygiene articles such as diapers, feminine hygiene, incontinence products, specifically carry out a hydrophilic finish in order to achieve faster penetration behavior of the upper layers. In general, every application can be carried out on one or both sides and the penetration behavior can be influenced. Differentiated equipment for each side of the goods is also possible.


In the inhouse WEKO-TechnologyCenter, we enable you to carry out tests outside the current production chain with your materials and fleets on our pilot plant. We can also carry out sprayability and material resistance tests for you. As an additional option, WEKO offers a selection of formats in the rental system area with which you can carry out preliminary tests on your own laboratory and production systems. WEKO is in constant contact with the chemical industry in various branches, carries out fleet tests on a regular basis and can therefore also provide you with advice on fleet selection. We give YOU investment security for your decision!

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