Wülfing Modifies Monforts Machine

Wülfing GmbH, which acquired production technology of Monforts produced in 2005, purchased modification service along with the commission of machinery in its operation.

  08 October 2021 09:00 Friday
Wülfing Modifies Monforts Machine

Wülfing GmbH, founded in 1885, is one of the oldest but also the most modern home textiles companies in Germany, with its main weaving and finishing operations located in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia, and a further jacquard weaving mill in Steinfurt, as well as with a making up and packaging plant in the Czech Republic. The family-owned company’s extensive home textiles portfolio spearheaded by the well-known Dormisette brand of bed linen. In addition, Wülfing is also a specialist in African damask fabric weaving at the production site in Steinfurt.

“Our particular strength is in wide-width weaving and the development of customer-specific ranges,” says Gerd Schulte-Mesum, Wülfing’s Borken plant manager. “We have fully-integrated production in Germany on the most modern machines and flexibility is fundamental to our continued success. The fast-moving market demands ever-increasing innovation, service and the rapid implementation of new ideas.”

Fabric stability

In 2017, the company was able to acquire a second Monforts sanforizing line from another company which, although built in 2005, had been virtually unused. It was overhauled and installed behind a Monforts equalizing frame of a similar age.

“Unfortunately, the two machines had to be operated separately via individual controls and did not represent an integrated unit,” says Schulte-Mesum. “This resulted in deficits in the desired productivity and in the control technology.”

Wülfing consulted with Monforts on a number of upgrade options and opted for a completely new joint control system to merge the two machines, as well as a new connecting inlet, a tensioning and damping field and a steaming unit.

“Monforts provided a fast and precise erection and commissioning of the technology in spite of the difficult pandemic circumstances,” says Schulte-Mesum. “The result has been an increase in production speeds by 20% and enhanced uniformity in fabric width through a much improved guidance system.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Wülfing on this project, which demonstrates what is possible in the modification and upgrading of Monforts machines already in operation,” adds Thomas Päffgen, Monforts Area Sales Manager.

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